Another schiity noob question about buying first dac/amp

I'm looking to plunge into audiophile land after really enjoying my ath m40x while closely salivating on headphone related reddits and massdrop. I'm right now clouded by the wide variety of choices and have my eyes on Schiit products because I see them often, read/hear great reviews, and like their aesthetic.
Right now I'm looking at the Schiit Fulla 2 as a first dac/amp. Reasonable price and serves as a dac if I upgrade. I don't know about technical thing so I'm curious if I should expect such a dac/amp combo to power headphones I buy alongside it such as HD 600 series Sennheisers, AKG k700 series, or other headphones as I do more research. All I see is mainstream right now because I'm a nooby. Will the Fulla 2 be able to power headphones like those? I cant see my price range going over $400 or so. (yay massdrop it wont have to).
In the case it can't I would be interested in the Magni 2, but I'm also not sure if my motherboards' 'isolated audio' and crap will suffice for a dac. It's a great mobo, but idk if the isolated dac is just sugar coated advertising. Thats a question for another day, but if anybody cares to entertain it that'd be koo.
tl;dr I'm interested in the Schiit Fulla 2. Will it be able to power possible sub $400 buys or am I better off going with a Magni 2 and figuring out if I need a dac afterwards?

Jan 2, 2017
The Magni / Modi combo is more flexible. I'd recommend them!
Jan 1, 2017
I am also very intrigued by the Fulla 2 and have it on my short list. There was a recent write up by Darko over at
The only other DAC/Amp I'd look at with the same price point is the Dragonfly Black ($99). I use one to power Grado SR80s (iMac listening) or Hifiman RE-400 IEMS (iPhone listening). Those aren't very hard to drive though since they are both a higher sensitivity. Audioquest claims it will power most headphones, but Audioquest also offers the Dragonfly Red ($199) which I believe has a higher output.
The Dragonflys also function well as Pre-Amps if you want to connect to a speaker amplifier. But the Fulla 2 has you covered there as well.
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Dec 31, 2016
Hi there the fulla 2 looks really good for the price the power output 550mw into 16ohms it would be great with the headphones you mentioned(see update). I have a oppo ha-2 and that outputs to hd650 and akg 702 with less power than the fulla 2.
Update: Having looked into the other option the magni is definitely more powerful would be better for the hd600 series ultimately it depends if your going with hd600 series I'd get more power but for other headphones like akg it's more than enough.