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black hd 6xx will be good
a Purple 6XX and I'm in.
Pretty clear that they won't allow a matte black 6XX now.
I’d like to see a dark blood red.
Anyone know when they are gonna drop the 6xx again?
Yeah. RIGHT NOW!!!
id looooove a pink or purple version to match my desk setup
Pink for better resale. Or black.
what about a black with bright blue highlights to complement?
I would like to see a Black and white one
Why are you asking?
Beige, Brown 598 style.
emerald looks cool!
Everything seems to be black or blue. I always liked the green Q701, but felt it was a bit extreme. How about a dark green for once?
i would like a different shade of blue or just a plain night black.
I still want the midnight blue.
Id like one with some white plastic and a black band and black alcantara so the parts that touch your head won't be white (therefor not dingy) and then you get some nice white accents. Why do headphones always have to be dark?
Why would you make me choose just one! thats cruel!
Edit: oh wait i can choose all 3 lol!
teal with pink accents and lettering for that aesthetic look.
miami colorway?
Plz make this headphones available massdrop i beg you
I'd love to see something like the old HD 580 Jubilee again with the carbon fiber look.
I also wanted to put a nude color out there, but my photoshop skills are lacking, so feel free to add more colors. I personally think that burgundy looks great though. IF they did do another drop, they could make it another color to designate it as round 2, since it still dignifies the original droppers of the first 5,000 units.