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Voting blind as I have only one of these pens, and the rest was the result of previous research/reputation. None of these pens holds a candle to a vintage flex.
Really hopeful for Desiderate becoming a Drop.
Stephan Brown, just did one of his "shoot-outs" on modern flex nibs. He had the Aurora 88, Franklin-Christoph, and the Pilot Falcon. Of the three he thought the Pilot had the most spring back and the most line variation. Check it out. @ SBRE Brown
I have a platinum 3776 century with the soft fine nib. Its a great pen, but the flex and line variation are not as dramatic as a true flex apparently. I've see some demos online where people get more out of it than I dare to try. It is a really nice pen, just wish the rhodium hardware version was same price as gold.
Added the 823 FA available through Tokyo Pen Shop Quill. This pen is incredible and I have found the 823 capacity and feed a much better match for the high ink consumption of the FA nib.
Thank you! I've been eyeing this pen for a while -- the FA nib gets better reviews on this pen than the other Pilot FAs, and a flex nib can use the extra ink-capacity.
I believe the 823 uses a bigger sized nib than the other custom pilots, not referring to the point size but the overall size of the nib. Check out this blog
I'm fairly new to Massdrop: Will this actually be available or is it just a poll? Really want to get hold of a Pilot Falcon!!
This is just a poll at this time. The way these work is that it lets Massdrop know what we, the users, would be interested in picking up and once they see enough traction on a given item they approach the manufacturer and see if they can work out a deal.
Sometimes, manufacturers don't see the benefit of working with massdrop, or simply have too many other orders to fulfill and as a result we have to wait longer, but there are also some vendors these days that seek out massdrop to help get them their critical mass of customers.
I currently have a Falcon and must say that it is an amazing pen (even at amazon pricing) and have been very pleased with it -- it is definitely worth checking out if you are interested!