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Apr 2, 2013
Magic cards are run a little differently at Massdrop versus other products. 1) We typically only run one booster box at a time. Having less product SKU's on our site simplifies the logistics which in turn saves the customers money. (We don't have warehouses of product sitting around) 2) The supply of magic cards (at the wholesale level) varies, and so the prices and quantities available to us (and other retailers) changes day to day, week to week. An LGS can buy a few cases of cards at pretty stable prices all day long, but the quantities that you guys are buying is considered very large. We only put up a massdrop if the price (and quantity) is competitive. 3) We don't like to run the same box multiple times to try to give different people with different appetites a chance to get inexpensive cards! What this means is that the polls help us, but they don't necessarily determine what will be run next. This is different from other products where we typically run products once they hit 100+ votes (assuming we can source it at a good price).
Apr 2, 2013
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