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I own a pair of JBL LSR305s (and a pair of the 308s), and I've worked with the ROKIT's. Why are you all voting for the ROKIT's? They're inferior speakers, and the 305s would be a ridiculous steal at under $250. Don't be swayed by the pretty yellow. Vote for the 305s. Because those are the ones you want.
Sure, since it's massdrop, let's just add a yeti into every poll.
Nearly there! Share people!
Monoprice monitors are excellent for the under $250 crowd.
Bring the rokits back!
I just picked up JBLs, amazing monitors. The Rokits sound a bit muddy to me, there's a great YouTube video with the JBLs and Rokits mic'd up.
Happy hunting
Want the JBLs. Possibly in white
Same thing with the JBL:
The HS5 drop is live, even:
c'mon, guys.