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How about bottle sans ink :D
I'd buy at least a couple dozen of those.
Just an FYI. I just bought two bottles of Akkerman ink, 60ml, for a total of $51.66, including shipping from Akkerman;
Vanessa Inks charges $ 28 per bottle, shipping (USPS) is free if order is greater than $40., otherwise $7 dollar shipping. Anderson want $29.00 per bottle, plus $11 dollars shipping!
"I see people who spend too much money on ink!"


I would LOVE to buy Akkerman ink via massdrop, even at full price... Just saving on the shipping would be amazing!!! Its my favourite ink ever, not to mention the bottle too! ;)
Thanks, but I think they all have the new bottle style now.
Any chance we could convince the company to do a special run of the larger sized bottles that they used to make?
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So sad! Massdrop seems like the perfect way to import a limited supply of an ink that is otherwise very hard to come by in the U.S.. Thanks for the update!
Try Vanness Pens. You can buy samples and bottles . Anderson Pens also sells Akkerman.