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All are not the lightest but sometimes it’s nice to have free standing. I have the big sky revolution, great tent for short hikes wear weight is not an issue. and fantastic as a true 2 person tent that can be set up in the rain with out interior getting wet. Love it to bits and tend to take it on long hikes anyway , at 1.7 kg and stuck in bad weather for a day or so is a pleaspure in such a roomy tent. TarptentNotch would be my ultralight choise or anything cuben fibire if you can afford it.

Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL 2 is less than 2lbs. all four choices are TOO HEAVY. NOT ULTRALIGHT
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My copper spur failed on night 2. Wind snapped a pole,tore a 6 inch hole in the rainfly, and tore thru the mesh tent. If you enjoy 1 am repairs, ok. It is nice to sit up inside.
You're not in the Sacramento area, are you?