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M50x for ZMF, Fostex, or even A1000?? Are you ok?
AudioQuest NIghtOwl gets my vote. At their current cost of $400, I don't think anything else comes close for what they offer. They have a good quite of accessories, they also sound great and very "big" for a closed back, as well as have one of the best headbands ever.
If one wanted to spend more, the Campfire Cascade is another great closed back that has amazing build quality while still sounding different and unique. It sounds to me like the Andromeda and Vega were mashed together and tuned for a closed back headphone. It's also more portable whereas the NightOwl is basically just portable.
Neither of these are neutral and are better for it.
Very happy with the Sennheiser HD598CS for office use. No sound leakage, very comfortable to wear for hours, and sound-wise, smooth, refined and with a very nice soundstage. Not the best money that can buy, but more than decent.
I have heard only briefly the M50X and they sounded to my ears boxed (limited soundstage and upper bass moving into the mids). This with a grain of salt, since I heard them for a short interval plus I cannot know if they were burnt in or not.
I have the HD 598CS at work too. I find them a little bassy but they sound decent. For music playing I have the HD 280 pro which I would have used in office outside of the really long cable that is not replaceable without modding. The HD 598CS is comfortable too - no clamp force like the HD 280 pros.
The best closed back is the Æon, with a close second place going to the M Audio HDH-50, assuming you are aiming for neutrality.
The 770s and m50x's are way too hyped in the bass to be considered anywhere near the "best" in this list, or even under 200. I've owned, and sold both in favor of the Senn 569, and the m40x. All used with a FIIO A5. If yu have an anemic amp, perhaps the 770 or m50x would be ok, since they're hyped bass which smothers the lower mids, may sound slightly better balanced. Just MHO.
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Beyer's amp has a high output impedance to deliberately colour the sound. While I have not seen THD measurements of tube amps for guitar, I have seen measurements for "normal" audio tube amps that still do not have the distortion reaching audible levels. Bob Katz tried to test the even order distortion theory over on innerfidelity, but the device he built produces, at maximum, the audible threshold for harmonic distortion, and did not do any blind testing, making his conclusions highly suspect. This is the same guy that claimed potentiometers, even good ones, produce audible distortion. Tubes do make a difference in certain applications, however. I am kind of having to eat my words in saying that because doing a bit of extra research for this reply revealed that I was wrong. Further analysis of one article I read claimed that harmonic distortion was only valid for sine waves, not for complex signals. How I missed that on the first read I will never know, but AES ( and IEEE( have both corrected me. Mr Moneybags over here who can afford Mesa Boogie.
LOL, definitely no money pouring out of these pockets, long hours of hard work and lots of savings (as well as trial and error on other equipment); all for my greatest passion, creating music. :) Besides, Mesa is still cheap, considering the cost of the boutique stuff out there.
For audio listening gear, I still choose solid state. I don't get a different emotional response by listening to tubes vs SS in my rig as much as I get a change in "feel" with my playing rig. The strings on my guitar literally feel different with the sound coming out of the amplifier. It's a crazy phenomenon!
AFA tubes for my listening rig, I've only had lower end Jolida stuff in the past. Perhaps some VTL, Conrad Johnson, or McIntosh would change that...which I definitely don't have the cash for any time soon.
None of these. I was searching for the best closed back headphone with no budget, and I found it: the ZMF Blackwood.
Best Closed Back Headphones? Is there a price limit? I liked the ATH-M40x but there are better cans if you're willing to spend more.
m40x all the way
m40x is the way to go for sure, only way I'm buying
yea just take that m50X and enjoy that boring flat sound. It gave me headaches for real
M40x is the way to go concerning AT.
Last I checked the m50x were higher on bass and treble, which a lot of people dont like, personally I prefer hi fi sound so I voted for the m40xs as well
Which is the better one for Netflix & Chill?