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The 700x is amazing for footsteps, haven't used many other open backs but I can defs recommend
I picket the ATH-AD700X's up in an amazon sale when they were half off and don't regret it in the slightest. They're super light and take a little getting used to because they tend to slide down, but after a while they settle with no need for adjustment. I've been using them for everything, especially gaming because of their sound quality and their comfort.
Would you pair them with a AMP or a DAC?
*seeing this over a year later* these headphones don't need an amp, SUPER low impedance so you can drive them off of anything. If you want to pair it with a DAC then feel free! Although it's not needed, they sound great as is.
Plantronics RIG headsets have very good positional audio, even the $25 ones. They are not the best in music department with frequency response tuned for voice and PA, but I still use my RIG500s for gaming. They are also insanely comfortable and light.