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I have the Dragonfly Red, and honestly I am very impressed as what this little thing can do! I have it plugged in with my HD 6XX and it pushes it just fine with amazing detail. I have also tried the Cyrus Soundkey DAC, I would say if your headset needs a little more kick on the higher notes, the Cyrus is the one to go. Otherwise I really do recommend the Dragonfly Red. I love it!
I need to get one of these. My laptop's internal DAC literally cuts all frequencies below about 80hz, and the treble sounds like it has been put through a snare drum compressor. It also barely has enough power to drive even my 44 Ohm headphones. Recommendations are appreciated.
Watch for a drop featuring the Zorloo Zuperdac S. It has a Sabre chip, is tiny, and is less than half the price of the Dragonfly red. I use it mainly with earbuds, although it also drives my AKG K7XX. More demanding headphones may need a more powerful amplifier. The original Zuperdac, which plus directly into a USB port, is another slightly less expensive option if it hasn't been discontinued.