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Now Available!

Thanks to JonasHeineman for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Bexley Imperial Fountain Pen Massdrop Exclusive available.

JonasDrop Buyer

Bexley Imperial Fountain Pen Massdrop Exclusive

Bexley Imperial Fountain Pen Massdrop Exclusive

No one included tortoise :( Now it's too late
Last day for voting! I've disabled all but the top four options, and after those members' 2nd and 3rd choice votes are added it looks like the colors are pretty much decided, unless Cardinal Orange catches up to Bronze Pearl. Thanks everyone! 8 hours left, last call for votes...
Any chance we could get black thrown into the mix? I saw it mentioned in the Model discussion. The Imperial model in black would be a really slick looking pen.
Man, I was really hoping for the Onyx. Bummer.
Hey everyone,
As you weigh options in the final days of voting, please note that Purple Haze has been disabled.
This option will be produced, but will only be available in limited quantities (est. 10-15 units) due to an unexpected shortage of that resin that we just learned about. We hope to give members who voted for that option, or any others, a chance to change votes with this new info.
The colors offered on the drop will be the top 3 choices, plus a small number of Purple Haze.
That's really unfortunate to hear. The purple haze was my top choice. It will be hard to snag one if I decide to join this drop once it happens.
Yes, Howard explained the whole thing and was really disappointed that more was not available, but it would have been many months down the road. He was very nice to make three other colors available for the production run, in addition to the small number of Purple Haze.
the part that gives me pause is that some colors might be more of a match for some models than others and so the most popular model in the most popular color might not end up being that popular. It would have made more sense to me to vote for model first and then for color in order that people can take the model into account when picking the color. for example, I like the Imperial model and I like the swirly green color, but a swirly green Imperial does not do much for me. I think you would get a better overall result if the votes were not done simultaneously. Maybe we can try that instead next time?
Hey @Kjervin -- That's a fair point, and I think especially true for the Stalwart's ribbed barrel.
You should be getting an email shortly that I think will address this concern for this drop. In the future, we can try something like what you describe for other custom products. However, one thing to bear in mind is the window that is offered to take orders and fulfill them.
Wow - almost 500 votes already, thanks everyone! It's very interesting to see the voting so far...
The Intrepid and Imperial models are the early frontrunners for the model choice, but Green, Light Blue Swirl, and Purple Haze are neck-and-neck in the colors poll.
I LOVE swirly dark green in a pen. I have a vintage green Esterbrook fountain pen, and the color always makes me think of Cthulhu. More votes for green!!
Purple pens need more love!
Purple haze looks amazing! I have a few Bexley pens, but I wouldn't mind adding another, depending on the model and color. Thanks for offering this, Jonas!
I agree! I've been wanting a Bexley for a while and the purple haze looks absolutely amazing. Would be a great addition to my collection (and a great colour that isn't black for once!)
Hi everyone -- Thanks for participating, here's the link to vote for the model of Bexley pen to be made in the most popular color chosen in this poll.