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Novelties are up! Updated Geekhack IC here:
New kits are up! Updated Massdrop poll here: Updated Geekhack IC here: Kit design poll open until 2019-04-29:
Any update on this?
Yes! :) New kit design poll here: Post on Massdrop here: IC on Geekhack here: Will post something on r/MechanicalKeyboards later too.
Fingers still crossed on this one. A a huge Halloween fan and a fan of this keyset, I want this!
@control glad to see you're back! Let's do this!
Thanks man! Feeling stoked about this! :D
Ortho kit needs more 1u keys
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already did, saw it updated earlier on GH :D
Oh hey! Thanks man! :D
I'd like to see a full hhkb sized kit without having to buy additional keys
Upvote the UK keys, don't forget about us! ;)
Novelties would be nice, a pentagram, moon phases, or other Wiccan symbols. I want to throw this on a 40% :)
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Still excited to see this come about. Hope it goes though!
Thanks! I hope so too! :)
Is that a 7u spacebar in the Extension kit? Would that be available on it's own as well?
Also... how about some modifier keys that help make this set "pop!" Instead of old standard of "SUPER" we could have "COVEN," "CRAFT," "TAROT," or "ASTRAL." An alternative to "ALT" could be "ALTAR." ;)
Regardless of what keys we get, I really do love this color scheme.
That is correct! It's a 7u spacebar in the Extension Kit.
The keyset is based on the intro sequence to the movie Halloween III so novelties would be based on iconic images from the movie.
Thanks! :)
Would love a way to get some alternate 1u colors for the planck. Orange/blue enter/esc/raise/lower for a splash of color would be great.
Well spotted! I'm keeping the set minimal, but there should at least be a 1u orange/blue Return key.
What about adding ISO enters to the norde set?
Good question, but one I'm not sure I can answer just yet. Looking back, ISO kits - NORDEUK, NORDE and UK - have a rather bad track record of not reaching MOQ often enough. By making the NORDE kit dependent on the UK kit, at the very least one ISO kit will have a better chance of reaching MOQ. However, I'm from Sweden myself and would like to include the ISO enter with both kits, but this is a very real problem to take into account. We'll see what's possible.
Updated the following kits: Extension Kit, 40% / Ortho Kit and Arrows Kit.
Added 1.5u Esc, 1.5u Backspace and 2u LShift to the Extension Kit. Added 1.75u Shift, 1.25u Shift and 1u Del to the 40% / Ortho Kit. Added OAS and BFN accent arrow keys to the Arrows Kit.
Thank you for all the feedback so far! Keep it coming! :)
Having only just gotten interested in the Vortex Race 3, I now see the wisdom of the 1.5u Esc/Backspace/Delete keys. Very cool!
Love this! It'd go great with my Sapphire Blue top case for my KUL-ES 87 :)
some novelties will be nice
I'd probably get this, but it's only for small keyboards, and will not fit my TKL keyboard.
edit: i get that alphas+modifiers will fit, but if only one of the two get in the drop, i'm screwed
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Although Alphas and Modifiers are separate kits.
Both will end up in the drop. I dont think Ive seen a drop where there wasnt a modifier kit and a numbpad kit included.
An all in one planck set would be nice. I've only seen that done on nantucket selectric, and it used mostly blanks for the non-alphas with a couple of non-specific novelties. It makes a lot more sense on a keyboard which most users probably are or should be customizing for their needs. (The "standard" planck layout doesn't make a lot of sense to me.) AFAIK, it sold quite well, because it was one of the only sets that didn't end up costing planck users $100+ for 48 keys.
Would be nice if the set could have the esc and delete keys for a Vortex Race 3.
There's already a 1.5u Delete key, but I have received this request before as well and will add a 1.5u Esc in the regular colorway at least.
Love this. Make it be happening pls.
I'm really liking the colors here. Would it be possible to get an Orange Text modifier variant kit?
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Just to be clear on what I am requesting, I only want the text on the mods to be orange, not the cap itself.
Crystal clear. That's what I replied to. :)
Edit: I see now that perhaps my reply was unclear because I said "orange mods" and "blue alphas". Naturally what I meant to say was "orange text mods" and "blue text alphas".
Love the colors
Looking good, would probably jump on this. I have an orange enter and escape on a maxkey orange and black with ninja mix on my 60% atm.
That's a nice looking combo. ;)
Yeah I thought so ;), liking the dark blue you put with the orange, gotta love contrasting colours.
Very nice indeed. I'm definitely going to get this set for my next build (Espectro96, I'm looking at you!)
Set looks really good. I do wish there were some colored arrow keys
Thanks! Initially, I had colored arrow keys too, both orange and blue accents, but removed them because I wanted to keep the set minimal and as cost efficient as possible while at the same time offering flexibility regarding layouts. If possible, and requested enough, I might add them back.
Thanks for the reply! That makes sense to me, i guess most gmk sets put the colored arrow keys in the novelties to lower the base price. I for one would be happy to pay for colored arrows as an extra set though. :)
Gorgeous set. Just wish I could get it elsewhere :X
@DingyNHB I'm looking into options.
This is beautiful and I need it.
Thanks! I want you to be able to have it.
Just an fyi, I think it would be nice for some more compatibility if you have a 2u left shift!
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No problem :) I think it might actually be the first set I ever buy. So thank you! You did a great job. Do you have any other ICs running around? Would love to see your other stuff.
Thank you! This is actually my first attempt at designing a keyset and @Oblotzky did a great job on the render! Here's to hoping DSA SOTW makes it to the GB stage! :)