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I own the Minitherium and Theta and will have a Zeta shortly. I love everything about the minitherium with exception of the milled clip. It feels a little weak for my taste but that’s kind of a norm for Kizer knives. Otherwise, it is a functional piece of art and one of my favorites. Great fit, finish and blade shape. It’s also exceptional to finger flick; smooth as silk. This is a great knife to have in your collection. The Theta is more form than function. The fit and finish is superb and it’s one incredible looking knife in my opinion but the ergonomics are seriously lacking. It’s pocket art for sure but I would rather have something else in my pocket if I needed to put my knife to use. It also has an incredibly weak detent which really knocks it down a star or 2. I’ve read that this is because of the front flipper but disagree. I have several front flippers with solid detents. It’s not a “go to” knife but I don’t regret buying it. I just love the way it looks.
I just received my Abstruse after a 6 month wait. Evidently there were some production delays causing it to be held up for so long. Elisha was even kind enough to respond to me on Instagram about it. It's a nice little knife and looks to be a candidate for my Top 10 list, possible even top 5. Lightweight, very smooth, light detente and low lockup.
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I agree with you that it's an nice fidget. Initially I didn't care for the nail nick but after seeing Elisha flicking it open with his nail, I was OK with it. I haven't mastered the Spidy Flick so I just roll it open. There was another very limited Gold or Blue Sorceress anodized model that became available shortly after I received mine. I wanted the Blue but the Gold was all that was available. Being a weak man, I ordered it and then asked if there might be a blue one still available. When I received it, they had re-anodized it blue. I'll post a photo of it later. I really like front flippers and now have 13.
Another Isham front flipper I really like is Isham’s Damascus McKenna and highly recommend it. Not nearly as fun to flip open, kind of small to hold while flipping imo, but it’s a very clean and easy to carry knife. Incredible bang for the buck. I’m a huge Isham fan and have a lot of his knives. I think he’s the closest thing we have to an “Artist Knifemaker” a design aesthetic I respond to. Not every knife of his is a winner but they’re all polarizing and push the design envelope while maintaining good to interesting ergos.
What about the Theta, or some of his new designs, like the Aeterna or Pleroma? Especially the Pleroma is a great-looking integral design that also seems practically useful.
This is a "wish" poll. All three of these knives are limited series runs. There's but only a very few left, if any at all. If you truly want one of these Ishim collectables, Blade HQ is your best bet.
I've seen them for sale on Instagram for a good bit less than retail
I like the first one quite a bit. The others are incredibly ugly though.