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Unfortunately, OPPO has pulled out of the Audio equipment business entirely; should be removed from the Poll. @Evil_Paroxysm
I bought the SoundBlaster G6 last week for my HD 6XX headphones and my Mod Mic 5 and i am very happy. For my first audio setup thats not iphone headphones plugged into my PC the difference is incredible.
I am planning to get that setup as well. I've been reading too many contrasting reviews for the g6 though, so I am hesitating. Anyway, Don't you have any problems with the leaking sound from the openback hd6xx's getting through the modmic? I've been thinking about that as well.
I've owned the SoundBlaster X7 for a few years now. I think its a great piece of hardware. It has connectivity for almost all of my audio devices, unfortunately I have acquired a few new pieces of equipment that has made it so I need to switch connections around from time to time. It powers my Klipsch Reference Series Monitors, links to a powered Reference Series 12" subwoofer. Has a USB for plugging iPhones/Android Devices in to charge, offers great bluetooth connectivity in case you want to play something from the next room over, an additional additional R/L line in port for connecting an additional device (for me I swap this between my audio interface for recording, and my audio technica turntable) and a headphone jack that supports something like 300 Ohms. I cant forget to mention the software interface for controlling EQ and other parts of the amp.
We need the AE-5 to drop so we can see the Soundwaves in RGB
smsl sd793-ii cost like $65 and can compete with things that cost like 4x that
2 cents
When do high voted items start to become considered for a drop?
Schiit Audio has stated that they won't do any discounts, whether it be for holidays or group buys. Not really a point in having it as an option in this poll.
I think they did a drop for the Schiit amp my buddy bought and it was like $10 off or something but he had to wait 3 weeks for it, good to know they won't really give discounts!
Grain of salt: this is brand new and I don't see any reviews for it anywhere yet, but it sure looks like it could be interesting for gaming. High powered headphone amp and surround DSP in one unit. Possibility for a future drop?
I bought a Sennheiser GSX 1000 a while back as my first external DAC/amp and it was defective unfortunately. One of the programmable preset buttons didn't work at all. I ended up returning it for a refund and buying the Schiit Fulla 2 instead. I personally found it to sound much cleaner and detailed overall with my HD598s compared to the (defective) GSX 1000 and the X-Fi Titanium PCIe sound card I was using previously. That said, I have since then switched from the Fulla 2 to the Modi Multibit and Vali 2 stack which was yet another noticeable improvement for my tastes.
If your main focus is gaming and you absolutely need the whiz-bang surround processing (or other effects) but don't have any particularly power hungry headphones/headsets, the GSX 1000 may be a good fit for you. Sennheiser states in the spec sheets that the GSX 1000 is recommended for 16-150 ohm headphones. I personally wouldn't recommend the GSX 1000 for audiophiles who want to use higher impedance cans and/or focus on music.
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I have used my 300 Ω HD 650’s on the GSX 1000 just fine, though the 150 Ω HD 58X is technically within the manufacturer specs. You can’t improve the DAC (which is at least better than an Astro Mixamp, similar resolution but perhaps a tad less sharp and glaring than a Creative G5), but the amp output is pretty clean and sounds good if you double-amp it (connect in series) with a powerful desktop amp.
I also have a Cavalli Liquid Carbon, connecting that to the GSX 1000’s headphone output and a balanced pair of HD 800 has the huge soundstage and great imaging you would expect from an overkill setup. The sound isn’t quite as crisp and realistic as it is when I use my Chord Mojo as a DAC, but I wouldn’t expect the GSX to at half the price of the Mojo.
Are not 3y that I have the GSX, amazing for 7.1, pretty bad as a stereo dac/amp, it can power my 660s (150Ω) in 7.1 but in stereo I have to push it over 65% volume and it starts to get noisy. In general it is not a clean and detailed dac/amp with great separation, for the same money you can find way better in that regard. My opinion: If you want a nice 7.1 experience, sure, go for it because it is really good; if you just want a bigger soundstage but with better audio quality and more power, look somewhere else.
The NFB-11 may not look as impressive or pretty as other DAC/Amps but damn, its specs are beautiful. Plus you can get some optional upgrades. Really want to see this on Massdrop one day.
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No offense but if you want to tell them that then go ahead. I like this combo, heard great things about it from a friend and people online. I don't see why you feel the need to tell me this, if you think it's all bullshit then okay, move onto something else.