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Of what I've actually used, NK Blueberry but I don't see it
EG dark jade black. seriously.
MX Browns are obviously the best switch with 0 scratchiness and a very strong and pleasing tactile bump.
glarses would be proud.
Glarses would be upset..
Zeal Zilents, please
We have had an assortment of Zeal's switches on here before
People realllly need to try other switches.
The community has really started moving away from cherry. The only cherry switches I still hear about are the vintage blacks, retooled blacks, and clears.
Based on the top 7, I'd say people are still on the mx boat
I can only imagine people voting for Cherry switches haven't had the pleasure of trying other switches. After moving away from Cherry, I can't imagine going back to them.
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You are quite right - and I'm responding to a 2 year old post to illustrate how my opinions have changed in the past 2 years. I voted for cherry browns and reds back when this poll was released, but my current favorite tactiles are the Halo Trues at the moment.
My favorite switches have changed too. As of writing, my favorite are Topre (tactile) , SKCM Salmon/Orange (tactile), Cherry retool/vintage brown ("tactile"), and Outemu Phoenix (clicky).
Where is the Gateron Silent Brown switch!! I want vote to that
It took a little while, but I got used to and like the MX Speed switches in my Corsair K95 Platinum. If you’re primarily into gaming, just barely touching it activates the switch.
*ahem* kailh speed switches, not limited to just linear, but with 2 clicky versions (though I hear bronze can sometimes be inconsistent), a tactile, and linear switch versions.
I like linear
Any linear is good. I'm happy with gateron clears, or MX black. Haven't tried anything crazy heavy like greys, but I'm sure I'd like them fine too. Clickies are alright, but kind of noisy. If I wanted to let everyone know I'm using a mechanical keyboard, I would go with a buckling spring instead. ;) IMO, tactiles are trash. They feel like I took my linears for a day on the beach.
I'm typing on some kailh bronzes right now. They're a high actuation linear that also clicks, but only audibly and with very little effect on the key feel. Interesting, but ordinary linears are probably my favourite still.
Romer-G? LOL [moderated]
However silent red is 3 times more expensive than red, I found no differences between them.
Linear switch master race
ah yes my favorite switch is the Russian treadmill thanks for whoever added that
I think the Cherry MX Speed RGB Silver is the best for gaming.
I thought it was agreed that gatistotles were the only decent mx switch? Or, are people voting for "my first Barbie keyboard" switches as a joke?
agreed by who? I was not part of that agreement.
If it's brown click it down.
Silent Reds: I was all for browns until I tried out a keyboard with MX Silent Reds. Wow! They don't feel like any other mechanical switch... To me, they felt exactly like the Topre capacitive switches on the FC660C . I was in total shock. Last April, I was in a great keyboard store in Seoul trying out all the major brands and I was totally blown away by a Leopold FC750R with Silent Reds. Doing a direct comparison with the FC660C with Topre switches, the feel was identical! So much so, that the store owner took the keycaps off the FC750R to prove they were really MX Silent Reds! After that, it took me several months (until now) to find somewhere that actually sells bare MX Silent Red switches and has them in stock. I just ordered a bunch last week to build my KBD66 kit with them. They're the only switches for me now.
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<--- troll
I know you are but what am I?
I hate browns. They feel almost identical to membrane IMO
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clears are just like a stiffer brown.
Try a linear switch like a black or a red. IMO they're the best.
I actually opted for clicky switches from novelkeys on my ducky one. Desoldering is a pain though.
The main problem with cherry browns = too damn loud!
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Browns are one of the loudest switches, them being silent is a myth. Blues just have a more clickly sound while browns have a shorter but loud and sharp sound.
Based on the 2nd source, the browns are 2db louder than blues.
If your browns are loud it's because they're bottoming. They're pretty near silent if you don't bottom them.
IMO, the main problem with browns is that tactiles kind of force you to bottom the switches by requiring extra force to get over the hump, and that carries through to bottom the switch.
That, and it feels like my keyboard is full of sand.
Greens for me everything else is too light a touch I would love to try Tactile Grey though for a non-clicky option
I bought a switch tester from Clueboard not long ago. Tactile Grey feels great, but perhaps just a tiny bit too heavy for me. I'd be very interested in trying Linear Grey!
The results kinda surprise me. Didn't know that many people cared for browns. I'm more of a blue guy myself. I think cherry browns are more like scratchy reds.
And I think blue ones are for deaf people.
blue bad bro bro
I voted for only 1 switch but feel this poll is skewed because of how few people have actually used these switches. I've worn out multiple keyboards with Cherry Brown MX over the years - yes, I type that much. But haven't tried Gaterons or other similar switches.
Black, Green or Clears.
Blacks are best
you realized this is like ages ago....
The list no longer stands anymore, I no longer use stock switches at all. Even black is not enough for my feels. lol
MX Sands are the most popular? :thinking:
I've been using Cherry Blacks for a few years now and I really like them. I've got another board with Kailh Blues and I guess the switches themselves seem to be ok quality, but I don't care for that style switch at all. I picked up a Cherry Red board for my girlfriend for her birthday and they seem very nice too. Too light for my hands, but perfect for her.
I'd like to try some of the others, but I haven't had the chance. As far as typing goes, I'd actually like the feel of a really firm Rubber Dome type if there were such a thing! I know, it's blasphemy, but I like the way they're firm at the top and then crush down quickly when they depress. Again, only for typing.
They do, they're called Topre boards! They're a bit expensive, however, you can get a Novatouch for not too much money.
I like thos black and thos red
Wow Cherry browns are dominating this poll. Kinda surprised about that since this a more enthusiast oriented site. My 1st two keebs had browns (Rosewill Apollo with Cherry browns & MK Disco with KBT browns) & I did like the feel of them originally. Although once I got more experience with mech KBs & tried most of the other switch types browns rapidly fell on my "preferred switch type" list. Now I really can't stand browns from any manufacturer. They are too light with both the spring weighting & tactile bump for my preferences. They feel like a dirty linear switch to me TBH. But to each their own, my view on browns is obviously a rare one considering how high they are ranking on this poll.
I ended up voting Cherry Tactile Grey as my fav, with Cherry Black & Gateron Greens coming in 2nd & 3rd respectively. I recently swapped lubed tactile greys into my Tada68 & absolutely fell in love with them. They have the sharp, heavily pronounced tactile bump Cherry clears are known for but have heavier springs (80g actuation force :D) which is right up my alley. I highly recommend them to anyone who prefers tactile switches & extra heavy spring weights!
I wonder if it isn't because they are included in many pre-assembled boards, have gotten a quick reputation amongst people getting into mechs for the first time and are readily available? I'm not sure that many have taken the plunge and gotten themselves a switch tester that extends far beyond the reaches of Cherry MX Red/Blue/Brown, perhaps only extended to Clear/Black.
I thought I'd realy love clicky switches. They are, after all, what got me interested in mechs from the beginning. But after getting a switch tester with a plethora of different switches, I ended up surprised that so far the closest thing to a fav switch was Gateron Black! It's just so damn smooth! I also voted for Cherry MX Lock, because they are one of a kind and excellent modifier switches, and Zealios because their cushioning was sooo nice.
However, there are plenty of interesting switches I'd like to try. I have a good feeling about: Kailh Box Black, Kailh Box White, Kailh Speed Bronze, Tealios, Cherry MX Silent Blacks and Cherry MX Linear Grey.
EDIT: I tried modding Gateron Blacks with the heavier spring from Tactile Grey. Highly recommended for a smooth and heavy switch! Personally, I'd probably look to replace the original spring with a 78g or some such.