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I know it's not possible but being able to get a ZeroFeud through massdrop would be amazing. It would fill up instantly with buyers
This sounds stupid but i liked fidgeting around with toy guns, loading them unloading them, priming them and so and so. Also i like small scale versions of stuff, so i also put down the 1:2 scale deagle, doubt anyone will vote on it though XD
well torbar is over 100 while fidget is like £40 for me. £20 ON SHIPPING and £20 on product. absolutely crushed my dreams seeing that the delivary cost is redicoulefdesuifnse (HOW TO SPELL). The point is, a reduction in price plus a more reasonable delivery cost would make my day. im gonna need to earn some money since i only have £14 XD since a knife i got only cost 7 dollars in delivary. Not sure if that will aply with cube or not.
i live in the uk and its a pain in the ass for delivary and in general more of the interesting shit is not on the tiny island called the uk.
dont quote my inadequete spoling skills since im probably just a drunk 5 year old infant.
We've reached out to Torqbar and haven't ever gotten a response, same with Rotablade - but we'll keep trying. The FidgetCube hasn't finished fulfilling Kickstarter pledges yet, but I think we may be able to get that one going sometime soon. Flat Top we've run with Vorso and I will try to get more of ASAP, as they are very popular.
There are lots of hand spinners and fidget toys coming to market now, and we'll try to make more available.
CC: @KoalaKaiser
Awesome! Thanks for getting back.
Is this ever going to be completed?
I like this poll, but Does the majority of things really have to be near the $100 dollar mark? I don't want to sound cheap, but getting something to fidget with isn't worth it for me if it costs above the $50
Can any one speak to the figit cube's construction, it looks plastic and cheap?
it's plastic yes, but appears to be pretty sturdy with a different fidget on each side.
The construction seems robust as it fell between the couch cushions and had been sat upon mutiple times with no aparent damage. My only lament is that it is slick to hold.
I like that the the Vorso will spin on a table top while the Torqbar doesn't.
Here's a useful review of the Vorso vs Torqbar:
Let's not all be ridiculous. I think we all know that the Fidget Cube is what we're going to go for.
I'd never buy a t o r q b a r. I'm guessing that all the people that voted for it aren't aware that they were having their lawyer send letters to other spinner makers informing them of a possible, future patent violation. Implying that they should stop making spinners or prepare to deal with legal action. That project started with kickstarter and gofundme donations and now wants to kill off its competition (read that as "other small businesses). Some of the makers contacted are not even marketing to the same buyer base (price wise) , so the young makers out there that are making cheap spinners that everyone can afford (specifically people with special needs that really benefit from these devices) have to fear being sued or possibly paying royalties to them? No thanks, not interested in doing business with a greed fueled company that wants to destroy other small businesses.
Any sources I can check?
At this point the whole thing seems to be over. T o r q u e b a r got a lot of bad rep on instagram because everyone that was contacted by his lawyer came out and said something about it. As far as checking sources you would have to check with spinner makers on instagram. I found out when tacticalkeychains was sent a notice (which is specifically the reason his spinners are called paperweights, if you follow him you will occasionally hear him or his followers saying "don't spin it!" as a little joke about the whole thing). Tacticalkeychains removed just about all of his posts mentioning the ordeal to try and let the whole thing die and avoid more contact from the lawyers. On a lighter note, one of the counterfeiters from dhgate was selling knockoff t o r q b a r s that came with a free brass penis as a homage to the original creator, i'm pretty sure they sold out lol.
When is this poll expected to be completed and the vendors contacted? I'm worried I'll miss the opportunity to get a torqbar if I dont keep checking on here periodically.
What's up with fidget toys anyway? I've been seeing a lot about them lately (especially with that kickstarter project). Is it basically for people with like an attention disorder to give them something to do? Nail biters? Not poking fun or anything, just legitamately curious. Maybe I need to try one out to understand?
Yes that is a big part of it. People with these disorders have trouble keeping parts of their attention preoccupied and can be distracted easy (that's were the ooh a butterfly stereotype comes from). fidget toys were created as a little distraction that allows that part of them to be focused on fidgeting instead of how the air conditioning just shut off or how your boss's glasses are made by oakly. But honestly they can help anyone regardless of having a condition or not.
I'm looking at a blue collared job where i'll be working with my hands, no use for one of these but in school (basically the most mundane white collared "job") I could make use of something to mess with. I'm dyslexic and always want something else to do; I get a bit high strung when i'm not physically involved in what i'm doing.
I just pledged (on Kickstarter) for that Fidget Cube (five units)... It's still one of the most affordable options, and boy, what a success has it been!
Six MILLION dollars pledged over the original $15K asked.... What a crazy success!
I would absolutely love to see the Torqbar. I've been looking at it for quite a while, and in the mean time I've 3d printed my won hand spinner. It's much larger and clunkier than the torqbar seems.
I hear he has a lot of trouble keeping up with orders from his own website, wonder how he could fill this order
I would really like to see a torqbar drop, because that is the hand spinner that I think I would enjoy the most, but I know that the company is already backed up on orders as it is and people seem to be getting upset that they are continually sold out, so the possibility of us getting a whole drop of them seems slim. Or at least the possibility of us getting one at less than retail price.
Been needing to get something like this for a while, would be great to stop myself chewing my fingers but would also look really sleek and professional
These are a good alternative to the annoying clicking of a pen and without the obviousness of flicking a knife.