I own a kizer feist and a real steel metamorph front flippers. They are interesting and its something different. Takes a little getting used to. I say try at least one but it kind of a novelty imo. Ill keep the kizer but will probably sell the RS. Bestech makes a nice looking ti front flipper that drops here called the shinkansen or something like that.
Glad I found this poll. I'm not too familiar with front flippers which is a good reason to want to try one. Unfortunately, that means I can't contribute to this poll so much as just watch it and see what kinds of designs are out there. I know it would be a year or two before a product actually materialized and by then, I may have tried a front flipper. Wait and see I suppose.
Oops - I didn't see you already had Shamwari there. That would be really cool! Thanks for starting the poll.