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For anyone that stumbles across this poll or is looking for updates on GMK Black Lotus there is a nearly 3-year old thread on Geekhack chronicling the ongoing status of this set. The current plan is to run a group buy through TheKeyCompany sometime in August.
I really hope this set takes off.... colors are real nice.
looking good, years ago but I really hope it happens
Is this happening?
@potatowastaken any updates on this?
MD, let this happen!
this will make a very nice warframe theme
Any Hope for a ErgoDox modifier set?
Update: yeah still no schedule from massdrop. :(
I'd love to see an option on these for RGB shine-through lettering
GMK doesn't make shine-through keys unfortunately.
YES!! You've made this old MTG player happy :)
Looks great! What about an international ISO kit with support for more languages?
definitely keeping my eyes on it.
Would go perfect with my black/purple set up! Will there be black or purple options instead of the lilac colored space/arrows/etc.?
Any updates? When is this going to drop?
What profile are these?
Should be Cherry.
Is this going to be a thing at some point? really loving the MTG inspiration and if its going to happen I would prefer to know so i dont buy another keyset in the mean time.
Immediate buy upon release LUL
The only thing which prevents me from buying this kit is the lack of nordic keycaps :/
additional keys would be added when the base kit meets MOQs
Well if that is the case then please just take my money :D
Can we get some ergoDox mods offered with this awesome drop
additional keys would be added when the base kit meets MOQs
Finally got word from GMK, currently verifying if the colors and novelties are doable.
Hope MD would contact me soon tho.
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I actually have a good idea for another cap that i forgot to add. thanks!
those would be extras, the current interest is for the base set which would be composed of the keys shown here, extra sets would be sold after a successful run assuming it does run here :D
Do share what it is :D
Please please pleasee, do make 2u space and 3u space bars. There are a number of dual space bar users out there; myself too. I am it would be nice to have a space bar set alongside the novelties set.
drop a poll perhaps?
I need this so bad.
I have posted the tentative novelties, there might be some changes due to some tooling issues and some additional keys as well
Novelties would be posted by the end of the week.
Actually hoping for this to drop first so that I have time for GMK Laser. Hope you guys can get this early!
Must have!
Would be cool to have a 60% aluminum case to go with it, please request!
Definitely holding out for that purple one if I pick up this kit
Cmon lads, get voting!
Super interested in this one, this is the closest to my dream set that I've seen yet.
thanks! Hope it gains more interest!