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but GMK Metropolis its beautiful
gmk laser needs to be renamed to gmk lazer
DMG please
I NEED a chance to get GMK carbon...
Didnt read the title properly and put sa and maxkey keycap set. How do i remove it?
The title is "GMK keysets you'd love to own." Who put Tai-Hao keycaps in here lol
GMK Laser and ill eat my old keycaps
I have a new set still sealed in the box from previous drop.
Can we get a new round for the GMK Laser :D?
the wait never ends O_O
Only few people voted Royal Alpha. I think it's a great classic that I prefer over most of the sets present in that poll.
I never understood the hype around GMK laser, whats the appeal in the set because I don't really like it .
Nostalgia. There's a distinctly 80s feel about it.
80s themed pc's are really popular right now. This keyset would complete everyone's builds.