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Anything from Razer is garbage. Just buy an A40 or A50 if you want expensive "gaming" headsets.
I have the A30 and A40 for several years now.. best gaming headsets I've ever used. I've also owned the Sennheiser and Turtle Beach.
Surround sound, actual human ears, how we perceive sound operates off of volume and delay. 5.1/7.1 is still wired in stereo with a left channel, right channel and a ground. USB headphones have their own DAC/amp and maybe also VIRTUAL surround sound. Virtual surround sound and ACTUAL headphones are best for the most immersive surround experience.
You're paying a bit of a premium for the title 'Gaming' along with extra drivers that you DO NOT need. Talking to you Astro.. five drivers in one ear doesn't do anything.
The Razer Kraken is literally the most comfortable headset I've ever owned. Great quality headset for a modest price!
Hey looking to get the g633 here, though i'd share the maximum pc review of it with you all