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You can buy a Gherkin for 20 bucks, they are in stock at Spacecat design : You can get acrylic cases with your choice of colors from Strata KB for $50:
I am in no way affiliated with these companies.
Isn't the Gherkin technically a 30%?
It is. But the website is was originally featured on is called "40% keyboards".
I actually really want one of these for a Shadowrun cyberdeck prop.
If this happens, mine will be a macropad, probably for streaming.
i like the cat but voted yes. Cuz...why not?
I'm in for a few pcbs, sourcing cases would be the most expensive, im thinking pcb mount switches and a diy acrylic bottom
Any news?
Still waiting on massdrop's reply.
Straddles the line between a 40% and a macro pad. Not personally interested, but hell, why not?
Thanks for your kindness to those that do want this.
Star Citizen flight control board lol :D
I would never actually use it but it would be a cool thing to have on my desk. Maybe for macros or a big switch tester. I'll think of something. Definitely interested.
Ooh, never thought of using one as a switch tester! I might just do that, I have enough kinds of switches haha
this is getting out of hand lol
In a good way or a bad way? B-)
voted not interested, don't see the point in going this small.
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It's a fairly cheap novelty to have.
I would mostly use my 60% or my upcoming TKL over this, but its just a cool thing to have.
I'm just fooling around, just get what you like guys. To me, I'd rather spend the money on something that's actually useful. You will understand when you got it, it will become something that you take out from the drawer to look at once in a while. I'd rather spend the money to perfecting my end game board.
Please do it massdrop! It will be awesome!
Thanks, it wouldn't let me make a poll.
I'll be the main person running this gb if it happens, otherwise it'll be on reddit. If you have a second, please fill out this form to tell me what you're interested it:
Feel free to ask me any questions!