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Thanks to ReconCubed for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the MSI Geforce GTX 1080 Armor 8G OC available.

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MSI Geforce GTX 1080 Armor 8G OC

MSI Geforce GTX 1080 Armor 8G OC

Vote 980 TI the 1080 TI has been reported to be 50% faster than the 1080. The 1080 just came out and is 699 but is only 13% faster than 980 TI but 100 dollars more! Are you serious!? Why would you even think of getting a 1080 it doesn't live up to the hype and some games run even better o a 980 TI than a 1080 remember "TI's" are built for gaming and amazing graphics. The none ZtIs are more like low end trial runs. Trust me SLI 980TIs are more future proof as the 1080 TI may be release early quarter 1 of next year. Let's be honest here most of us if we are voting for a 500-700 dollar card can agree we are smart enough to get the best bang for our buck. Just me Senior Desktop Analyst/computer enthusiast/ Pro Gamer look me up Duopally on Google. Thanks
I think this needs to be added here for more warning about jumping on this card at launch. Let things shake out give it a few months for partner cards and possibly vega to come out.
Exactly read my post below
You really think they'll do a drop on GPUs that haven't even truly been released yet? I'd say it'll be at least a year or two before there's even the possibility of a drop on a 10xx series card.
looks like some real numbers from a reputable site has shut up the troll and blatant fanboy. now we can get back to taking a view of cation and waiting for competition results and real extended benchmarks as should be done before making such a pricey buy for people with brains.
I really doubt there will be any good bulk discounts on the brand new nvidia flagships (1080 and 1070) for a long while. The 970 and 980, on the other hand, will soon be the "old" card and might get some good bulk discounts. I voted for 970, since I have one and they can be linked. (but I also voted for 1070, just in case...)
This card is going to sell out immediately when its launched, there is no reason for them to put it up at a discounted price. Not gonna happen.
this wont happen when will you all learn
NO WAY IN HELL thery're going to discount the 1080 reasonably this early but one can hope
nvidea will not do this for shure theyll sell this for the top price everyone will still buy it anyways but keep hoping
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The 1080 is the better buy not the 980ti
It's been proven to be 25% better yep
What you're saying is quite right. Nvidia wouldn't sell they brand new, super hyped cards to a lower price just because 3000 people on massdrop has committed to buy it. They'll probably sell out on launch day anyway. But wouldn't this be the perfect moment for us to get a drop on the 980 or 970? The amount of buyers on those cards will drop drastically on launch and going to nvidia and saying " Those old cards over there in the corner, we would like 3-4 thousand of those". That's how you get a good deal.
Honestly you guys are mental asking for a discount on a gpu that isn't even released yet. They barely drop prices on cards that are 3 fucking years old and when they do its not even worth it.
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Not to mention on a card that is hyped up to sell like hot cakes.
If I can get the GTX 1070 less than release price, I would jump on it. But this would be stock Nvidia brand which is vanilla and does not have much resale value. Would be better to come up a brand like MSI , PNY or Asus etc... And go to them for order. We would have better chanc e to score this. However Newegg release price will be $379.99 no tax and shipping. So I am not sure we can get a better deal at launch including shipping and tax.
The 1070 will be the best bang for your buck...
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Its supposed to be better than the titan x, so it'll be a better buy.
Don't believe the hype machine. there is a lot of funny business going on with nvidias demo numbers and how they were bench marked. we are going to see a lot lower scores then what nvidia was promising as the cards come out. remember that 2x performance over the titan on the 1080 was only on VR. beyond that it was also only on test bench software created by nvidia to give it those kind of numbers. also all the benchmarks we have seen of polaris cards have been clocked at only 800 mhz compared to the nearly 2k mhz we saw for the 1080. this indicates what is more likely a notebook card with lower power and heat constraints.
Keep dreaming retards.
Please remember: This is a 'hypothetical' poll. Nothing here could happen, and I'm not saying that "Oh can't wait for a 40% off my 1080!" at all. It's just a poll, an interest poll. Massdrop has been able pull off amazing things for great prices. Have hope, to all 3025 of you.
Lol.... You think that a product that hasn't even been released or fully revealed yet will be on a drop? Then you must be crazy. This product does not gain from being featured in MassDrop as everyone will just buy one if they need it anyways. Stupid poll:/
It will be in stores in 2 weeks. Any store that will sell it for MSRP 599 will still earn some money, since they get it cheaper from Nvidia. If Massdrop will be able to acquire 3 thousand of these, and sell it even with 10% off MSRP - they will still earn money, and all of 3K GPU's will be gone in a day.
Considering that these are brand new GPUs with a brand new architecture, they probably won't drop that much. Still, a small discount is better than none.
How did they even calculate the MSRP high then NVIDA themselves makes absolutely no sense. Sound crooked to me.
If the GTX 1080 drops to less than $400, I will purchase immediately.
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No, it's not.
Hmm. Ok you are right. Somewhere, I read that this was supposed to be cherry picked. But if this is the case, I would wait for Asus, MSI or Gigabyte with better warranty and better cooling design & Higher clocks. I just got 2x 970 $200 a pop. But I guess I will have to find someone to buy them as these speeds of 1070 is promising.
One of these things is not like the others.....
The MSRP of the GTX 1080 is not even near 899$. It´s 599$(699$ Founders ED.) MSRP.
Sorry, was going from aussie prices. I'll change it