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Now Available!

Thanks to FatDabs for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Aorus GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11G available.

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Aorus GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11G

Aorus GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11G

Why are people voting for the weak reference Amd and Nvidia cards? the 3rd party vendors offer WAY better coolers and performance...sigh.
anyone think this could drop before the end of the month?
480/8gig drops i am in 100%
I doubt we can get a drop on a 1 month old graphics card, I'd rather go for something older which can get a nice discount
A discount on the FURY X's would be nice or nicer on the Zotac 980TI AMP Extreme Edition (sold one for $460) but anyways, those cards will blow past gtx1070 reference and probably catch up to GTX1080 once the TI is OC to about 1550mhz..... they perform about the same but obv pascal is more efficient and will thus last longer without the OC. However that being said you're better off with AMD and cheap FREESYNC screens and bang/$ on DX12...
a 1550 980TI will not hold up to a 1080, it won't even keep up with an overclocked 1070. And price performance wise a 1060 is the card to beat. AMD really had it going for a bit with the 480, but the 1060 kinda made it so the only reason to get one was if you had a hard budget
Is the radeon rx 480 going to be the 4gb or 8gb? I would prefer it being the 8gb model, also what brand? Sapphire?
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8GB for sure and the brand doesn't really matter knowing that it won't have custom fan and custom armor.
it is the 4gb
wow RX480 wow
Seriously wtf. Why would you want to lower the price of the cheapest good GPU out there omg. Lower that 1070 or 1080 price guys! Hello!!!
how do you join the mailing system?????
my local microcenter has 11 rx480s in stock. this is in NY.
i've got 2 1080s for sli, so i won't be needing these. but for anyone around the area, buy them fast cuz they will be gone.
hell, maybe i should be a scalper and buy a couple of these for ebay.......NOT.
For the rx 480, ask for xfx's version with the backplate.
dude... wait the custom rx 400 haven´t even came out yet, they just started to customize all the cards. the nvidia custom cards haven´t even came out yet and the 1000 series came out earlier.
I meant for the reference version, cause they have backplates!
When will this become a drop
If Massdrop gets it, I will buy it from here for sure. You have 1 month. (haha)
The 480 has arrived ladies and gents.
I'm just wondering if the 480 gets on here, will it be an actual price drop? Or will it be like the 1080 "drop" which was full price and shipping was 1-2 months after release?
It won't be a price drop nor a "group buy" offer , if it'll be on Massdrop - it'll be the MSRP and offered for Pre-order. Sorry to disappoint.
How does massdrop notify you and how do you pay? If anyone can help that would be great ( i am new to massdrop).
You should signup to the mailing list , make sure you have Tech in your fav sections or whatever its called. you'll be getting daily mails with new offers and new drops. If the card you're after will be up there - you'll see it in that mailing.
Aside of that I don't know much , am new too.
For more information you could visit;
Happy dropping :U
Thank you for answering, i will sign up to the mailing list.
@piecraftpi so far the few tests we have seen from outside of AMD have put 2 480s directly on par with a gtx 1080.
What I find the most interesting on the results is that 2 RX480s have a performance of 181% over a single RX480 meaning AMD has cooked in a "secret sauce" with how these cards handle crossfire and with the coming upgrades in DX12 that is only going to get better. While I am not sure on the possibilities of 3 RX480s I would be very interested to see how this setup would scale performance wise. If you assume card number 3 as adding roughly 70% on the base number then on their cheapest model AMD comes in around 35 - 40% higher than a GTX 1080 across the board for what is still a lower cost.
This mostly interests me because with the lower power consumption I can imagine dual chip cards such as the R9 X2 coming out using these chips putting a single AMD card perfectly on par with the GTX 1080 at a significantly lower price point. The drawbacks there would obviously be high power consumption and heat output but it makes things VERY interesting overall. If these were to come about then 4k @ 120hz would, with most games, be an absolute walk in the park for 2 of those cards (4 chips) and AMD will have effectively won a very important race to bringing the highest possible resolution standard to the customer at what would end up being below the $1000 price point. If the GTX 1080 really is Nvidias high end then they better get back to work before AMD starts chewing off some serious market share. What's really interesting tho is seeing how AMD has capitalized on the new markets created by VR.
The Nvidia Fanboys are on the defensive because AMD is just outright changing the game right now and these are not even their "high performance" chips. If the specs on "Zen" are even close to true AMD is primed to very easily grab the lead in most aspects of computing. Just take a look at their stock price, they are up 100% since April. I am just sad that I was greedy and pulled out my 50% gains when the stock started going flat.
I think everyone is excited for AMD right now. I personally would love to see the RX 490 and RX FURY.
Id love to see Vega
Since it's pretty clear the 480 will win this, are we getting the 4 or 8gb version?
RX480 description; "Great SLI functionality" , damn , people here know their s**t.
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No , its the in a nutshell term for "I don't know much about GPUs and the technology the offer" C: ...
its like Imma say , "Oh , the GeForce480 totally gonna wreck the RX1080" "dude? what are you talking about?" "what , geforce and RX is the terms for GPUs :/" " >->"
"oh , look at my whale , isn't it the cutest?" "dude its a turtle" "yeah but a whale is the universal term for turtles ,flapflap nstuffs" " >_>"
"I got KITTENed" "what? you got shot dude" "kitten is the universal term for getting shot"
"SLI" stands for Scalable Link Interface and it can apply to any graphics card, "Nvidia SLI" is unique to Nvidia.
In other words, "SLI" and "Nvidia SLI" are technically two different things.
Dude. If im right i said normally AMD is hot. First look and read better, thnx ♥
do you guys even look at the coverage and review of other tech reviewers and have 1080 & 1070 cards in their system. again the card does not run hot. check your info before you make a comment on it
that`s the problem their are not competing with the 1080. this card matches up with a 970. and the card does run hot. the card has been tested by some youtube tech channels already and they say this card is pretty damn good
I would be fine with just a pre-order
I already got the 1080, worth every dollar!
How much will the discount be for the rx 480?
TBH I would wait until the rest of the RX /400 series is out or at least announced to make decisions, who knows, maybe the better cards could be even better value to performance, even though that seems hard atm.
Guys can we vote up the 1070 its better than the 480 its out now AND with massdrop its cheap enough
It is available for pre order on massdrop atm.
according to an AMD rep, 2 can beat a 1080 (but it may be biased) so I would rather get the RX 480 if Vulcan Support is in more games.
Why are we polling for cards that at this point, do not even have benchmarks for? I have high hopes for the 480, but what exactly are we basing our voting on?
Price. MSRP is $199, the price will only get lower as more people join the drop. Even without benchmarks, it may be the best price to performance ratio we'll ever see.
well if we trust amd's statement about this card and how great it is I think that is a risk people are willing to take
looks like everyone wants a 480. not surprised at 200$
Someone voted for the wrong 480.
rx 480 is the best card in the polls nothing can beat it just get 3 for the price of a 1080 and destroy the 1080.
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Also a bit sad, many ppl have just the option to put 2 into the MoBo, not 3 AND then there is no way to upgrade. With a single card you can
For $200 It does not matter!