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Just came here to say the and thing everyone else is lol You can't have a poll titled Great Knife Sharpener and have carbide pull though options on the list 😂
I have a ceramic pull through one that works less aggressively than the carbide ones, and even that only ever gets used on a couple real cheap knives that live in the shop only for absolute crap work that I don't want to muck up a good knife on
Pull through knife sharpeners are a great inexpensive way to ruin your blade steel. I wouldn't use even as a last resort. I carry a speedy sharp and use light pressure in the field as a last resort
Seems to me the Wicked Edge sharpener is the most expensive product, is it really worth it?
The Edge Apex 3 kit looks very pro, would probably be the one to use in restaurant or professional kitchen. The ViperSharp would be good for pocket knife, I reckon.
These results solidify my thinking that a myriad of people don’t know anything about sharpening, edge angles... steel... Hell, even knives for that matter.
Those pull through pocket sharpeners are horrid and ruin your edge. Only use them as a LAST resort. I’d use a car window edge or a ceramic mug edge before one of those pull through a. End rant. Smh.
Seriously, Pull throughs are junk and should only be used as a last resort when out in the woods fighting off bears until you can get back to a good sharpening system or stone.
Get a strop and some polish. Works great so Ya don't need to sharpen very often.
Stay away from carbide pull-throughs! They remove lots of material and shorten the life of the knife. Learning to use a stone or system is worth the extra time. You will never regret learning it.
Those god awful pull through sharpeners.. Throw those damn things away people, you are ruining your edge.