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Need to add the giant mouse ace biblio on here. Great blade for under $200 with premium M390 steel.
I personally like the Spyderco delica and endura with the Emerson wave feature. It is vg10 steel which is decent.
WE 809 Practic and WE (forgot the number) rectifier are both waaaaayyyy up there on the list but don't seem to be showing. Plz fix tyvm. 😁
I recently got the practic. Great knife. Good suggestion!
Where is the Benchmade 940?
Er...uh...none of the above? Like Mr. Benjabooly, I also have that exclusive Manix 2 and love it, but I recently grabbed up its CPM M4 blade-equipped, weird, jaundiced looking "natural" G10-scaled cousin, the Paramilitary 3, and it weighs about half as much with the loss of .25" or < blade length--definitely my new favorite Spy. But beyond that, I just prefer a snazzier, more aggressive knife, preferably titanium. Which is why I dont own a single Benchmade.
Below is a pic of sub-$200 knives I like better (that Pro-Tech Cambria pictured costs $199.99, but I also have the basic $149 model). There are more, but these are the ones I could reach w/ having to stand up and make a bunch of noise, potentially waking up the wife. That would be a bother since the girlfriend should be stopping by any minute...naw, I'm just kidding...
...I'm not really married, the one sleeping is just a girlfriend too. I respect the sanctity of marriage. By staying single.
That boker in the middle looks sweet! What model is it?
That would be the Boker Plus, Lucas Burnley designed Kihon. That particular model is a BladeOps exclusive, and it's actually on sale right now:
The "exclusive" features are a marbled carbon fiber left/presentation side scale...and I think the D2 blade steel is an upgrade over the model's usual VG-10, but I dont have time to check that at the moment. Just pulled into the lot, got some business to take care of...
Why put a spyderco no one can get on there? I have one and it is one of my all time favorites but they are near impossible to get now
Kershaw LINK should probably be in a sub-$50 poll... I think it’s a great edc knife, but it can’t compete with the other options here.