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Vote for your favorite products in an existing poll or create a new one. We’ll make the most popular products available on the site in limited-time events called “product runs.” we go again with everyone drinking the M50x koolaid. Research, folks! There are great headphones out there for same or less, and that sound so much better than these. Try a used pair of more expensive headphones for the same price as a new set of M50x.
just going to say that if you're looking for good headphones that are unique, then i wouldn't get the audio technica m50x's. Not gunna lie, they're great over-ears for the price, but i just recently have been seeing a shit ton of people who have them at iowa state university now. I personally don't care, just wanted to give a heads up to some people that might.
To all of those who so dearly want the Audio Technica M50x's and have been voting for them in almost every headphone poll everywhere... Just keep in mind what you are getting, and make sure it is really what you are looking for. Youtuber Zeos Pantera has a few very critical and objective videos explaining why the M50x's aren't for anyone, and pointing out what else might be a better option. His original M50 review:

his second M50x review:
If you're looking for gaming headphones, he has a breakdown of good options.
Here is his review of a similar and comparatively priced headphone from Shure:
And here is his review of the Sennheiser HD 598 headphones, which I currently own and recommend for their much lower price if you don't mind open back.
And here is his review of Audio Technica's open back option in this price range, the AD 900x:

I hope this helps people further refine their decision, and keep in mind, there are hundreds of headphones out there. Don't get a pair because everyone tells you they are the best. Get a pair because they will do what you want them to do to your music, games, or movies. Never be afraid to do more research. EDIT: Oh! And I forgot to mention, in this price range, Fostex offers an excellent lineup of planar magnetic headphones. Just jeep in mind you will definitely need a proper amp for these.
Don't trust everything you see.
I don't. Honestly, if I could stop myself from making this post, I would. Not that I don't agree with what I said, but that i think everyone's ears and preferences are different. It's not fair to tell someone that something they like is bad, and they shouldn't like it.
I don't know how to ATH-M50's have more votes than any Beyerdynamic. I switched from an ATH-M50 to a Beyerdynamic DT770 80Ohm. Soooo much better overall.
Well, GJ to whomever it was that put the R70x on there, those are almost twice the specified limit.
*innocently puts the Fidelio X2*
have the ATH-M50x got bass
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I have the M50x's and regret the impulse buy, they're okay but imo there's better options in the price range. I'd love to trade them out for some Fostex T50Rp MK3's now that they've fixed a few of the MK2's issues. I think the MK3's sound better overall and have better reviews. A lot of people in the audiophile community think that M50x's are very overrated and I tend to agree
You forgot, mostly
I've owned and used the ATH-M50x for a little less than a year now, and am fully satisfied with them. Good balanced clean sound, comfortable to wear for long sessions in front of my computer, good external noise isolation, etc. I have to be honest though, these are the only over-ear headphones I own, as I mostly use in ears, of which I have a half dozen pair. Voilà!
If u dont like any of these please tell me another headphones im new here
Hi can you please add the grado s80e . I think they are the best budget open back headphones. Thanks