When will the sennhiser pc 37x come back? I want it. but right know I don't have money. should I wait or buy something else
How can I know when Polls end ? Should I buy HD6xx ? or there is better option ? I can go up to $400 for Headphones
Monolith M1060 would be your option. With a little modification, you can turn it to be LCD2 which cost close to $1k.
Guys vote for Sennheiser HD 600. They sound more natural than HD650/6XX and are more preferred option for mixing and mastering
I just hope people will skim through the existing products first before adding a new one... to avoid repetition.
Just HD800s. vote for it !
Many people say the 600's are better in terms of sound quality than the 650. Just FYI
It's more of a tone thing. The 600 is technically more flat but to my ears has a lack of natural timbre that the 650 has. The 650 has a little more in the bass, which make it sound warmer. Most audiophiles are people who dispise bass and live for treble, which are the people who review the 600's as better. Nothing wrong with those people, but they are more plentiful in the audiophile world than the people who enjoy bass with their music. For enjoyment, the 650's are better to my ears.
Vote for X2 guys!!
Just purchased the X2 and they sound amazing!
I wish massdrop would do the hd600's for 200 $
ATH-AD series is so underrated.
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Its funny because the HD700/800 and some AKGs consider to have harsher highs than ATH-AD yet people love them.
Do people really love HD700? Some people call them a banshee screeching .
need the Sennheiser HD 800
Why vote for the 650 when the 6XX is the exact same thing but cheaper?
Maybe they like the color? I've been using my 6xx for a month and it's absolutely amazing
Wish more people would vote for the HD 800's.
AKG K712 Pro!!
how much willl the 650 Sennheiser cost ?
If Massdrop drops them, they will probably be the 6xx, which were $200 USD.