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This will probably get deleted, which is unfortunate because I wish those nebula keys had a real chance
s e n i o r w o m a n w i t h a s t h m a w a l l d e c a l
What even is this poll...
I need that senior womam with asthma wall decal!
Can we delete this poll it is kind of pointless...
giant rubber duck ftw! :D
duck ftw
Please vote for the "RECTAL USE ONLY STICKERS" . Just Kidding...I cant see who could possibly have a need for those.
My idiot friend has a bunch he sticks on random stuff at walmart.
Brilliant! Will do the same in the produce section.
This is never going to happen. They last for all of 3 minutes on their own website. They'd have to specially run every set just to make grab bags to sell them at a "discount" on MD. Sorry guys.
I don't get the big deal about grab bags! What's the point in not knowing what you'll get?
The novelty jelly keys in this poll are super cute though, I hope those (or the jelly coral reef keys) are a drop someday
I need that duck...
For anyone planning on pulling this prank on there friends. Vote for the duck.
seems to me that no poll has turn into actual drop matter how many people participated
So what happens now? Anything?
These bags are generally garbage keys. If you want to waste your money I can give you my paypal and bitcoin address and you can just give me your money. I might even mail you some ruined artisan keycaps!
Oh man, I missed the Garbage keycap drop!
It's never too late to start rooting through dumpsters for keycap gold.
Odds are very good this will never happen. SP already sells out what little they have on their own and basically sell out immediately. The nature of grab bags doesn't really make sense from a group buy perspective.
$65 for a bag of rejects? I don't get it. Why do people want this? Clearly there's demand, since it sold out instantly, so why do so many of you want this? Is there a forum where you all go and swap caps to complete boards, or something like that?
It can be a good way to pick up some rarer caps that you may have missed the first time around like novelties or accents. There's people who have gotten like two grab bags and have had almost an entire set come from it with very little in the way of actual defects. Plus, some people are into the "Unicorn Vomit" style boards where they just have a ton of random keys on there. PMK just sells them like bulk bags but a lot of people who buy them will part them out and sell by the cap. So you pay $65 for the bag but then when you can sell individual caps for $7 or so then you cover your costs and more.
As someone with 3 bags I can attest to the bizarre options they give you. The closest I've built to a complete set is a DCS (similar to Cherry profile) with black/white alphas. It's a little expensive and they have gotten a lot harder to get but it really is the easiest and cheapest way to play around with different profiles, colors, symbols and whacky shit.
I have keys from Carbon, PuLse, ToXic, Deep Space, Jukebox, 1976, Troubled Minds, Danger Zone and a few more. None of them are anywhere near full sets, mind you, but they are a nice taste of the colors and little bits of the history. Personally, I like really wild colors and symbols so I've had a lot of fun experimenting. I've also gotten to setup boards in most popular profiles for pretty cheap. It is also pretty easy to put together blank sets and supplement sets you have already.
For those of you that are very eager to get a grab bag, they will be for sale for a limited time starting June 6th.
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sold outthis time in under a minute haha. i managed to get one. but they went faaast
Exactly as I expected. I didn't get one. I hope you don't end up with one that has 9 spacebars or something like that.
Let's Go!!!
You do understand a grab bag is a bunch of throwaways? There will not be a group buy for this.
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If you vote enough times for no maybe the polls will go away.
I don't think it's possible to delete polls