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mito laser in SA or DSA please!
Ooooh what I will pay for Galaxy Class....
IMO i dont like godspeed. The colors are kind of bland. Who am i kidding, they are extremely bland. I just want nautilus or laser. Laser and nautilus also have more requests than godspeed so i dont know why either of them arent the highest voted.
Gmk Olivia's would be Great pls
please anything MT3. please
Yup, lets get another MT3 run, preferably /dev/tty.
I wish there would be more companies doing popular color schemes in PBT plastic so you could get a quality FULL set for no more than $100 . GMK is wack. Prove me wrong. Protip: You can't.
That's just the thing though, the colors you see on a lot of ABS keysets are harder to achieve on PBT.
science be damned!
i love this site but i hate how fast the sales are
GMK Nautilus. Not sure how that got left off, but oookkkk.
faxxx i want gmk nautilus rlly badly
Gmk laser please !
Light cycle for sure.
Does this herald a return of Galaxy? It's been years...
Idk, I just put some of my favorite sets in here hoping massdrop might see it and drop one of them instead of the same 5 sets over and over. Kinda pointless now that a new godspeed is coming and they're redropping crabon... sorry if I got your hopes up.
Hey no worries. My tastes have changed somewhat since first spying this anyhow. Not keen on the colourway but adore the font and placement.