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How come there's no option for "Don't add glow-in-the-dark scales; they're ridiculous, and we're not 10-years-old, anymore"?
How do you add a knife into the poll? The one I’d like to see is just not represented: though the Spydie Pacific Salt is close, I’d like to see the Rescue Salt with glow-in-the-dark scales as it just makes sense to have a decent glow-in-the-dark rescue knife...
Out of all the knives in the poll and the Spyderco Endura is the 1 leading in votes. I'll let myself apologize first thing for the negative opinion I want to rant about. I have no idea what others think, am witness to a trending fad? I honestly hate the Endura, Delica and the Paramilitary 2... These 3 knives are so Overrated imo I kind of feel that of the company in general. I don't hate Spyderco but I have alot of resentment towards them. With that said I do own 4 and the possibility of 5/6. I just can't believe that the Benchmade Bug out is not the landslide winner it looks to be made for GITD. With the Manix 2 running in second. I love the GITD scales gimmick and alot of knives are begging for it to be a reality.
Kershaw Leek with GITD scales? PayPal ready!!! I have gone through a lot of knives, but keep coming back to a Leek for my EDC. I have a limited edition TSSW Random Task stone wash from 2006, and a standard leek that is my EDC. GITD scales would be the icing on the cake. Come on MD, lets make this happen!