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HD8XX, looking at the HD800 issues chips easy, Paint chips & flakes 100%, it would be easy to cut cost by not paining them & well thats an overall improvement to stock. The headband & earpads are prone to flaking as well after long use so TBH those pieces Should be cheaper than they are. Remove the serial number & engraving work from the top of the headband & place it somewhere else if need be ~ another cost cut. no driver matching ~ another cost cut. Cheap box HD58X treatment ~ cost cut. Single 6.5mm cable ~ Major cost cut there!, option to get balanced offical sennheiser cable ~ Profit enhancement here. Many ways to cut costs. (Oh & yes im aware of some small changes from early HD800 to late HD800) The HD800 last sold in New Zelaand for $1000 NEW, retail (with GST 15% included in the price $150 for those who failed math), at the time that was about $700USD (Around there). So its not out of the question if they are still able to do the HD800 model, to do a decent drop at a decent price. Only thing i'd recommened they add is the Dupoint mod or sennheiser equivalent (outside of the HD800s change which does have a different sound to the HD800 dupont mod)
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It doesnt if you have tried them both, or read my original comment for another point of view as its all correct to the T. As for why I literally bought them 3 days after i post this 23w ago as you can see.
Sorry, I dont understand. I still dont understand why would you want both HD800 and HD800s
I did some extensive research into why HD800's are so expensive, and it's safe to say the proprietary materials that are used in the manufacturing of the 800's contribute to their price. In addition to QC. Not realistic to expect the same quality for a MUCH lower price
Why not create polls that have more than 0% chance of happening?
seems like there was more than 0% chance of happening after all
this is next to impossible.
Lol why? And ruin the reputation of a flagship headphone for the sake of people who can't afford it?
The 800 series cost so much more because they are handmade in Germany and driver matching is much stricter than other models. Check out the factory tour from Linus Tech Tips
It would have to be a lesser product if it were to fit the price and business model of massdrop.
I actually commented on this a while back in the Sennheiser official thread...had an exchange w the Sennheiser rep about a Massdrop collab closed back portable - like MD x Momentum/HD1. The original over ear Momentum still is a great portable (IMO) despite the small pads and minor nitpick stuff, especially if you like the Sennheiser house sound. No other headphone has had as much passive isolation as those do for me.
We have had so many open back home/office listening types of collaborations, really hoping for a portable OVER EAR option. Think about all the headphones and IEM collabs...other than the Fostex and on ear like the E-MU (with removable cables) we really haven't a portable closed back! Please correct me if I'm wrong? Still keep hoping :)
Edit: I did back the new Audeze Mobius, which sounds like it's going to be pretty fantastic for for everything from gaming to portable listening (headphones with a USB C connector, finally!). But I'd still jump on a Sennheiser closed back collaboration!!
I just bought the HD800s. Would lose my mind if Massdrop drops this soon!
Judging from how the Elex drop just went I sincerely doubt Massdrop would be able to secure a drop at this price tier even with a healthy discount. I feel like all the companies will be scared off by how that went. Funny thing is I feel like the fact that they got nearly 300 people in that Elex drop is impressive considering how niche of an audience would be able to afford that and want that.
elex is no h800s and the namebrand of sennheiser. as long as we get a long enough heads up, they will sell out. guaranteed.
Lame, I wonder if folks are voting for 800 not realizing it's not the S edition? Sad to see S isn't in the lead. Heavy pass from me!
100% agree... "S" version or nothing. I also feel many people voted incorrectly not realizing there was an "S" voting option.
No they shouldn't, if they are going to make a drop on this tier of headphones it should be the HD800S not the regular 800. the HD800S is what the HD800 should have been but were not.
I'm new here buy isnt anyone requesting Sony classics like mdr sa5000 or cd3000?
someone please add Sony mdr z1
Why is Schiit products on this list? It says on their website that they don't do any sales for any of their products.
Why bother its FR is full of treble peaks.
The 650's were the perfect choice I think. The price quality is there, I've used 650's as one of my references in professional studios for almost a decade, and the price makes it relatively affordable for anyone. I just don't think the 800's would have nearly the draw. In my experience once you get into the 800's price range, there are just far better options, but the same can't be said about 650's.
Sennheiser really should make an HD 800 s / HD 8XX headphone with Massdrop. That would be great since there is a drop with the HD 6XX out. Please do it Sennheiser!!!
How many units are sold due to the confirmation bias towards their marketing demographic? Is the vendor aware or are they relying on feedback from people of "reputation." Does popularity decide the build quality of products like this? Do they believe their target audience is desires these headphones for the utility or for the aesthetic? I have owned many digital to audio converters, amplifiers and many other branded dynamic headphones. Sennheiser has always done an excellent job of detaching themselves from the idea that German made is automatically better. The HD 650s I currently wear alongside an amp/dac combo really drive the sound stage of the listening experience. Especially when the source is analog. Vinyl breathes with these headphones. Without exaggeration I am able to reconnect with emotions of songs I've stopped listening to because I've over listened to them in the past. In economics this is referred to as diminishing market utility. After one hundred uses of most products the first time diminishes in comparison. The bass is deep and wide, while the open back style of headphone allows for the sensation that you are listening to the artist live instead of a mix. And for many audiophiles this is what drives the market of High Fidelity audio equipment. Not just in the listener or in the music experience but also the human element that is lacking in today's postmodern intellectual space.
I've considered buying the 800S, but I don't think I'd pay a ton for an hd8xx, at a certain point if it costs that much I might as well buy the real deal. And any affordable version would no longer be an 800s. So it's not a great option to make a massdrop knockoff of.
agreed, at first, i though an 800s massdrop would be great, but the more I thought about it, I don't know if I want to have that much money (for the sake of argument, even if the massdrop price is 2/3 of the street price, it'll still be over a grand) withdrawn for about half a year. But based on the votes, looks like many would still want a massdrop deal.
Buy used HD800. i could easily find a used $700 deal anywhere this day.
you can get a good used pair for for 800$ easy, even less you you get a good deal with some guy who has 2.
its a great idea from a 'i wish massdrop would help me get this thing i cant afford' perspective. but I cant see the xx model working higher up the product lines. to much money invested in drivers and more importantly development to simply cut costs and fit and finish to slash prices.
why would you buy used for 800 when you can shell out an extra 100 and get new
HD800s under 1K, are you kidding?
Why are people voting for the HD800 and not the HD800S?
Because the HD800's would be much easier to drop (which then could be modified to a similar sound signature of the hd800s's for a fraction of the cost)....
what do you mean? you want this "hd8xx" made in china? imo that's a terrible idea
plus I was able to get one from Amazon under 1k a few weeks ago.