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Now Available!

Thanks to Liz for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Karas Kustoms EDK Pen available.

LizDrop Buyer

Karas Kustoms EDK Pen

Karas Kustoms EDK Pen

first massdrop purchase. i recently purchased the retrakt from karas in copper and it was very big and heavy. ok for sitting on the desk and occasional writing, but i wanted one easier to carry and it looks like the edk is it.
i haven't seen a single photo of the combination i chose which was brass upper and aluminum grip.
will this pen also accept the P8127 refill? what's the difference in it and the P8126? is the point 0.6 as well? the 127 seems much more available.
tks, /guy
Hi all,
I love the pen...However, I wonder if the pen can accept any ultra-fine refills. The refill that came with the pen is great but it seems slightly big (around 0.6). I would love to have something like a 0.4 or at least 0.5 if possible. Any suggestion?
I'm new to the refill system so a bit detail would be nice. Thank you.
I like the all black with brass.
(I'm new on here, how do I vote?)
Why not combine brass & copper?
Buy one copper and one brass and you have two beautiful combos. (I'm considering doing this myself.)
I like the idea of mixing the copper/brass and aluminum. I think the balance will be cool. I'd like to see a copper bottom with an anodized dark green top... Hint, hint!
I'd like to see a copper and brass mix. Can't stand aluminum...guess it's too close to plastic and had too many not fun times working with it.
I've got two other pens and I really love them. They are always a conversation starter. I've played around with some different chemicals attempting to get the color right on my copper bolt, but I ended up cleaning it all off and letting it age naturally. I want to like two colors on these pens, but I went right to the solids. Maybe it will grow on me.
I concur with Slimcea, it would be great if Massdrop added an option for some accessories to go with the pen, say an extra refill, replacement click mechanism (just in case) and some of those sweet Karas Kustoms notebooks. That'd be a simple $15 or $20 add-on and would save us international buyers a TON on shipping to order separately from Karas.
I love my Karas Retrakt ball point and look forward this new EDK Pen.
Love the look of the all black and all copper
How limited are we talking!?
Karas Kustoms Design + Schmidt Nock + Schmidt P8126 = Perfection. Y'all hurry up and decide on these so I can buy them.
What refills would this take?
It is designed around the Schmidt P8126 and P8127 refills, which are fantastic rollerball refills but will take any Parker ballpoint style refill. (The P8126/P8127 are the refills that come in the Retro 51 Tornado rollerball pens)
Schimdt refills are hard to come by in Asia :( Hopefully Massdrop will give us an option to purchase more refills together with the drop.
Hi all,
We're very excited to have partnered with our friends at Karas Kustoms to offer the exclusive first release of their new EDK pen!
All of these body options will be available in the upcoming drop, so this poll was created for you to discuss your favorites, check out all the cool samples, and most importantly, ensure you get an email notification once the drop goes live later this month as supplies for each style are limited.
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Hi Liz, Hope I didn't overstep any bounds by adding the mixed aluminum back into the poll. It appears to be a popular combination, and I really appreciate your making it available for the drop. Thanks very much!
Hi @Writer, no worries and thanks for your input! We saw this combo come up a few times, so when we asked our friends at Karas Kustoms if we could include it in the drop they were happy to oblige.
Only two more days to go! :)