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From the massdrop guidelines
The poll is impossible. Sometimes a poll gets created with a list of amazing items, but none of them are possible. Some of the most commonly voted on items that we can’t run include things like Apple products, video game consoles, and PC components. Some day these might be possible, but they are currently not feasible so these polls are simply closed.
Stop making stupid polls
Why? Why would you like to buy this now? I have it since launch day, just Zelda and Mariokart that is good..... A console for 2 games???? Wait for Fire Emblem or Pokemon or Monster Hunter.......
if youre going to buy it in the future and you have the money now why not just buy it now.
Get the game and the extra memory for free
MD doesn't do console drops, as evident from the hundreds of xbox/playstation polls over the years. you'd be better off trying to get a drop for a specific game or accessories
It probably has more to do with no incentive what so ever from Nintendos side. They'll sell out their consoles at retail price either way. Same goes for pretty much any large console manufacturer including Microsoft and Sony.
that's pretty much it, consoles have almost no profit margins through retailers so you'd be hard-pressed to get them cheaper
I doubt it will happen, but I would definitely join the drop if it does.
This will never happen.
how long do votes last?
As much as i want this, i doubt they could get it happening with nintendo.
People need to stop adding options that aren't the switch.
People need to stop adding "no thanks" or "none" options in the votes that are actually good.
The one for Razor is okay since they do make poor quality products that are over priced.
well you see Harry_Lin not everyone likes nintendo or just doesn't like the nintendo switch. So I think it'll be best if there was a none option.
Seriously, scalpers have p. much hoarded the switch to the point of driving it's price to 2x msrp, we need this drop
We need this to drop. I mean, the switch is kind of overpriced, so if you're looking to get it, but don't quite have enough money, this will help a lot.
oh my bad. It has its own screen and if you switch it, it's pretty much like a Wii U pad.
Oh my bad, that's just bs. If you would know anything about the switch you'd know that you're wrong. Pls go inform yourself.
it will probably be a successful drop. But it will be literally impossible for it to be "the most successful drop in the history of this website." And to be completely honest, I wouldn't buy this console. If you think about it, it's almost like a DS except its got "better games." And anyways, if I was to buy a Nintendo Switch, It would have been a waste of money FOR ME because Nintendo doesn't even make good games. Now Remember, this is MY opinion. don't get mad at me if you highly disagree with my opinion.
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Okay. But I did say sorry for that mistake which is all that matters.
No problem
It will be hard for them to deliver but will probably be one of the most successful drops in the history of this website.
We need to get this drop!