How Do Polls Work?

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I just added 3 pens to the voting. All three can/do come with 18k gold nibs and I think they all would fall within this category of “Premium Feeling” pens. (1) Pilot Vanishing Point (2) LAMY 2000 (3) LAMY Studio
pilot metro is painful to hold. better invest in custom 823.
Why is a pilot metro even being offered in a “Premium Feeling” FP? I’d agree with opting for a Custom. Even my love for the Safari is being stretched for this. Neither would really fall under the category of premium. A Pilot VP would be a good addition to this poll as well.
Maybe fp gives people a premium feeling of writing in general. Nowadays, many folks can rationalize $100 plus in monthly expenses comprising of virtual services, eg mobile phone, cable internet, music/tv subscription but can't imagine paying for a premium fp