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I would very much like to see a reference price for each speaker (pair). Perhaps they should have a 'sort' feature to group things by price point and range. That would be useful, this vote for speakers is pretty much useless. I strongly suspect lower priced units got more votes simply because more people have access to them and feel they have a valid opinion as an owner or frequent listener. I wouldn't vote for a $20,000 pair of speakers that I (might) have listened to for a few minutes in a show room...that would not make any sense at all and provide no value to the other voters IMO. PS... I'm quite new here and if any of my requested review/vote features mentioned above already exist please forgive me and direct me to them. PPS... OK...I'm an idiot...I found the prices/item info. I'd still like to see a more refined way to sort by type/price range/owners vs audition only/etc.
Has anyone heard most of these? I wonder why there are so many choices, and my guess at so many price points.
The recently raved about Elac bookshelf speakers would be of interest to me
I’d like to see GoldenEar Triton Reference. I already have T1’s.
all of these are garbage
Revel, GoldenEar, Martin-Logan, Magnepan and Magico are all garbage? You need to go listen more. Triton Ones are one of the best sounding speakers at any price point. What speakers do you own?
why bother if no one will actually buy those here