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voting for G27 G29 and G29shifter
Voting for wheels and Hotas? It's like voting for apples and oranges to me...
No Thrustmaster TMX wheel? I would love to see it for $150.
will never support Logitech with the G29.
They burned all G27 owners with PS4. it does not work on ps4. Logitech claimed that it needed a chip to be authorized by PS4. that was a lie, since thrustmaster wheels from ps3 works perfectly fine on PS4. instead they stopped support for g27 in order to sell G29. Which btw, it's an inferior wheel to the g27 and much more expensive (considering the fact that it does not come with a shifter).
I think it would be a good idea to make a drop with the G920, or the G29, and you could select which one you want at checkout (They are the same price from Logitech) and then also add an option to buy the shifter along with the wheel.
there should be a xbox version for the logitech one thats winning
Would the G29 include a discount on a G920?
I believe the moon is suspect
Hoping some people are in the same boat as me and getting hyped for their Oculus Rift's to show up in a few months. Good time to invest in some hardware.