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Logitech is and has been questionable for nearly 20 years though I'll give you my love for Razer is not much higher. Lower respect than both for Corsair & their Scimitar at this point, useful as brick w/o driver, at least Logitech & Razer work on PS4 as as bonus.
Guys pls vote for the razer naga pls!!!
The logitech g900 easily beats all of these. Even the more affordable g502 is better than most of these. Razer's products are over rated.
Had a DeathAdder years ago. It was complete crap. Cheaply made mice.
If anybody even thinks they have small hands, they will HATE the DeathAdder. I have small to medium sized hands and find the mouse way too large. Let's put it this way... It is so large that your entire hand has to sit on top of the mouse in order to be able to use it correctly. This in turn causes you to be unable to set your wrist on the surface of a mouse pad, causing a decrease in comfort and mouse accuracy.
How long will it take until that deathadder drop
the g900 is the best mice
Finally someone who knows!
ugh why do we have to vote why can their just be results like ebay or amazon. :/
G900 Chaos Spectrum please :)
Why would you even buy razer at the prices they charge? Even if massdrop was selling it at 50% off (the normal sale prices for razer) it would still be quite overpriced given the lack of quality control. However it would be fun to see about half the people in the drop complaining about the DOA products they got. Massdrop warrants the products they sell for a year too so if they drop razer gear they better be ready for like 60%+ of the units to have to be replaced.
Razer..pass. There is a reason Logitech gives a much longer warranty on their peripherals than Razer does...Razer knows how often their Shite fails.
Is the Naga in this list the Chroma version?
MX master please
The Mamba is very undependable
what issues are you having i heard when they first came out and up to a certain SN they would stop tracking but it was fixed with an update, i have had no issues with my tournament edition and iv grown to like it more than my death adder, although i travel with my death adder chroma.