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Jan 2, 2016
Paying for a name and a category (Razer and Gaming). (My brother owns a pair of carcharias and I have Tiamat 2.2) There's so much wrong with both. Clarity and with the Tiamats... it's all low end. Razer has simulated 7.1 software (it works great) and I had to scroll through the list of headphones, choose mine, sounded better and then I had to play with th e EQ... by default they have as much bass as my balls to the walls EQed M20Xs which I got for free basically, the company that sold me the cans on Amazon sent me a broken pair, I asked for a label, they said in a nutshell "here it is if you want it"... They just gave them away.. M20X>Tiamat in sound and build. Comfort isn't as great. I'd assume in the 7.1 Tiamat's they use the same unclear drivers as the 2.2. 32Ohms, four drivers, a bit more than listenable volume from a DAC with no amp seemingly (Fiio Taishan [E03K]) especially from an ATR2500 DAC/AMP.
Jan 2, 2016
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