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This will never happen....and there’s a 2 year+ wait on Daytonas....and Rolex or 3rd parties would never discount them....but it’s fun to dream.
This will never happen.
I would mention Panerai Radiomir, for the diversity's sake.
"Rolex" - "Entry level"
I would consider buying a Rolex if they made one in titanium. I just can't wear stainless steel any more because of a nickel allergy. The stainless steel that Rolex uses has one of the highest nickel contents of all, even more that so-called Surgical Steel.
One of the Tudor clones of submariner is made entirely out of titanium, by the way.
Hi, Does watches are delivered with certification and warranty ?
What about the reliability of Massdrop concerning this type of object ?
Thanks :)
I have bought a Breitling watch through Massdrop. No problems, came with all certification, warranty card in the original box. I know different manufacturers has different requirements from their vendors.
The only way to get Rolex here is through a 3rd party.... which will not have a warranty. Nor can the watch ever be serviced at Rolex because it was acquired through the grey market. Furthermore, the stock volumes and levels available by MD for what it'll sell.... probably won't result in much of a discount.
If it can be acquired for 4850 but MD can sell it for 4800.... At this point it's not much of a difference is it? Not to mention if something goes wrong on even 1 of these watches (assumably they'll sell sub 20 as other higher end watches here) it will eliminate any profit they make if they offer their own warranty. Thus, you're wasting your time trying to get this over here.
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Except Rolex isn't Breitling. Rolex is the least desperate brand out there. And thats why they are one of the most prized. They are an independent company and are not a part of a luxury conglomerate (who have the luxury of watering down their brands). Rolex won't strike any deals with anyone because they are Rolex. That's just them and makes them special.
This won't get off the ground in a million years. You have better luck with the brands housed by LVMH, Richemont and Kering.
This isn’t entirely true. If you get the registration card you get the waranty. If not typically sellers offer their own warranties.
As for not getting getting it serviced at Rolex that’s completely untrue. How do you think people service their grandpa‘s watch? You bring it in they send it out and charge you for the service. please check the endless conversations that have been put to rest on this topic at Rolex Forums.
What is the current price of the watch ?
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just go to any non rolex boutique. any normal watch store that carries rolex will have room to haggle. just let them know youre ready to buy. they might give you the standard "we cant discount on rolex" which is not a real policy but its strongly suggested by rolex. if they're not willing to move at all just go to another dealer. also you can buy from any of the big dealers on the major forums like rolex forums or watchuseek. these are the dealers who are able to get you a manufacture warrantied for a discount. this even goes for the highest volume movers like the steel sub that no store dealer will discount.
Thank you very much for that. Nice advise. Cheers!