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Now Available!

Thanks to Oblotzky for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Drop + Oblotzky GMK Oblivion V2 Custom Keycap Set available.

YanboDrop Buyer

Drop + Oblotzky GMK Oblivion V2 Custom Keycap Set

Drop + Oblotzky GMK Oblivion V2 Custom Keycap Set

Dear Oblotzky, so thrilled that this set has been dropped! i use this keyboard:
is it right to buy the following sets: Obvilion Alpha Obvilion Numpad Obvilion Modyfiers to cover my whole keyboard?
thanks for a reply!
Correct! Btw it is best to ask in the drop directly as I am the most active there, and other users can see the replies as well ;)
perfect, thanks for the quick reply! ordered :)
Need some advice here.
I'm seriously considering picking up a second hand hhkb pro 2, swapping the slides for mx compatible ones, and getting in on this drop.
It looks like with the alphas+mods+SDK kit, I'll have all the correct key sizes (excluding 6u spacebar..), but can anyone advise me on whether the stabilised keys on the mods kit will end up causing problems (because of the lack of stabilisers on the hhkb switch housing)?
Assume you're using hhkb ANSI layout rather than the JP layout. There are solutions for the 2.25u keys(left shift, right enter), if MX sliders are used on hhkb.
1. Use normal 2.25u MX keycaps, drill holes on the hhkb top case to fit the MX 2.25u keycap stabilizer stems. PROS: You could use whatever 2.25u MX keycap of whatever keycap set, change them if you want. CONS: Unrecoverable injure to the hhkb top case.
2. Cut the stabilizer stems of these 2.25u keycaps, so that the stems will not hit the top case. PROS: no injure to the hhkb keyboard. CONS: unrecoverable injure to whatever 2.25u keycaps you use. You couldn't change keycap set on hhkb easily.
Check it out if you like to take a look to the "hole drilling" solution, and what could be done to the topre spacebar.
New renders and stuff on the MD talk page over at - thanks again everyone, see you there and in the drop!
You can find the final iteration of the kits here: - this is what is going ahead for the GB that is expected to drop in September. I'm now working on more keyboard renders for the Massdrop and project page.
These are literally the keycaps I've been waiting to find! Dark, SA, and without a Windows key!
I'm ready for this.
Thanks for adding spanish on the keyset I'm going to buy it for that. I love the desing too.
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If custom keycaps are very dear to you, I recommend looking into switching to US ANSI layout and using EurKey to keep your Spanish characters
Spanish layout support is almost non-existent in the world of custom keysets.
I switched to ANSI US International a while back because of this and had to switch back, I know that there are available all the needed punctuations on the layout, but as a computer technician I use almost everyday diferent keyboards with diferent sizes and forms, from diferent computers that are not mine and all of them have spanish keyboards, the muscular memory you develop when using keyboards is very important to me, to work as fast as I can. When I switched to US ANSI I made a lot of mistakes when writing on other keyboards and in mine too because of this. I use an ergodox at home, and I have it almost maped exactly like a regular keyboard in spanish with permanent marker. Thanks for your advice but for work I need to use the spanish layout, like it or not. -_-U
I think that the last option will be to make an spanish keyset and promote it on all the spanish communities around the world, hoping to get the enough interested people to make a custom drop. Anyways nothing that can be done soon.
Thank you Oblotzky for designing this great set!
I specially want to make you know that some friends and I are really happy to finally see an excellent SA kit that includes spanish on the ISO kit. There will be some buys from here ^^
@Oblotzky Any chance we can get a 6u spacebar?
I'm afraid that's not possible because Signature Plastics does not have a 6u Spacebar mold, sorry!
No worries! I see you've included a 6u in GMK set. Guess I'll have to stick to GMKs only. I do dig the SA profile.
How much do you see a base mods and uk iso kit costing. Also loving the look so far I think it will look good with my walnut case
Anyone kind enough to tell me when will this set be release? Thanks!
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Looking forward to the drop date, keep up the good work, sir!
How soon :D
How much (estimated) would git modifiers and OG alphas (grey) run me? Would SA carbon be a good benchmark? thank you!
Alphas should be ~6-8$ higher than Carbon's due to the inclusion of the spacebar and function row keys. The git modifiers, I'm not quite sure. The amount of keys is roughly the same, but mine uses custom legends. The tooling costs for those is roughly 800$ total, so at MOQ 100 that should translate to around 8$ more for that. But this is of course just napkin math, there are other factors that I might not be aware of and such.
Oh and also note that Carbon hit 1700+ units on Alphas and 1100+ on Modifiers, I wouldn't wager that this set will perform the same, so look towards the lower MOQ points in the Carbon spreadsheet.
When is this gonna drop? It's such a nice set, I joined the GMK GB and want to get this SA version as well!
Q3 is the most current ETA I have but that's a bit old now. I'll try to get an update on that soon!
Nice. Please do let us know.
Are the options here the final decision of what sets are offered? I prefer this oblivion specialties kit from the github website to the SDK kit in this poll. Did you eliminate it from the options?
I like the R2 1.5 backspace with purple legend.
It would be super great if you can combine both sets (Oblivion Specialties and SDK) and have
R1 1u and R2 1.5u for both Backspace and Del? And also keep that R4 1u Del.
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Oh nvm, I will just use the R3 1.25u MOV, or Pop in 40 bit kit
Thanks so much for listening! It's really cool to personally talk to the creator of the set :o
Glad you found the key you need! Although I'm sorry that you'll have to buy an entire kit for a single key, and due to all new legends in that kit I fear it will be in the 60$ range after a few drop points :/ it's not ment to be used to complete other builds, I expect people to only buy the 40bit kit together with alphas for ~100$ to cover their 40% keyboards.
The reason why I said I'd need to include ~4 more keys for XD60/XD64 is that if I were to add keys for that keyboard, it would be to cover all the possible layouts for it. Cherrypicking just one layout wouldn't be so useful. I hope you can understand that.
But how about this, you could use one of the bottom row 1.25u modifiers, which are all R3 too, in place of the Return key. Use only blue ones in the bottom row and then a orange/red CODE key for your Return (or PULL/FETCH if you want to go with Git legends). That way you should be covered with Alphas + Modifiers + Extension right? (Specialties has been renamed to Extension now)
And it's a pleasure :)
Would the Dvorak & Colemak also be available in Quarry (matching the darker alphas)?
Any updates on the legends of the assembly kit? Specifically for the Planck layout...
Hmm, what changes are you expecting to happen? The kit image on is pretty much final, I think I switched out one legend in R2 for another for the final iteration but that's about it. I might throw in two R1 monochrome keys to cover Preonic so they can have full dark modifier keys along the entire side, currently they'd have ~ and = still on either side.
Just read the rationale behind not using standard Planck legends. Made sense that Git legends won't fit nicely.
Is there any further information on when this drop is starts?
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thanks mate!
Okay I guess I can get both then! lol
Oblivion is classy.
Thank you! I very much agree :)
Good to see Oblotzky back. Hoped to see more after the little incident on here.
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Let me try again. Good to see Oblotzky back with a product.
No French AZERTY ;_;
I'm afraid French can't be covered, I'm actually going for tertiary legends in the next update, and French needs like a dozen keys to be covered as well.
I hope everyone is aware of the GMK Oblivion group buy going on now until the 18th of May. For any fans of Cherry profile.
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Well I'm currently in for both sets either way :)
Big fan of Cherry profile but no international caps in that GB. :´-(
Is there not going to be a way to get the Git Icon novelty without getting the entire Git modifiers pack? I plan on buying the Alphas, Colevrak and Ergodox kits, so it would be pretty disappointing to need to buy an entire fourth kit for a single key.
I'm afraid not :/ my reasoning was, whoever wants it will want the Git set itself anyways. Also this is the setup I got approval for from the Software Freedom Conservancy to use the icon. Selling the key by itself would probably not be cool with them as it would be a targeted commercialization of the icon compared to how it's now, where people mainly buy it for the other 39 keys.
No monochrome MacOS ?
The target audience for that kit is small as it is so sadly no. The Filco Minila kit I'll be adding soon will only be available in regular legends as well.
Hmm, I may have to pick up this set and the gmk set to see which I like more. Decisions decisions.
When in doubt, buy both :P
I plan to. Just playing the waiting game now.
All about the git mods. Really nice set.
Thanks! I'm very proud of the git option, can't wait to receive them myself one day.
need this set right now!!!!! I just bough the Realforce RGB
I need this set for my new Leopold FC980M Mech I just ordered. 1800 layout.
I'm new to the Massdrop community; I recently joint since I'm interested in the Planck but haven't ordered yet because off the clear caps. Is there a ETA and can I set a alert for this set so I don't miss it?
This drop won't be happening until some time in the summer, so youve still got some time.
Any thoughts about how we could stitch together a full set for Kinesis' new split mechanical?
I'm guessing this will be a popular alternative for the ergodox crowd after a mechanical split board.
Hey, they use 3.5u spacebar, SP goes up to 3u only. Otherwise I think you'd only need a 1.75 control key and 2u ESC. The rest could be filled with Alphas, Modifiers, Specialties and Assembly by the looks of it.