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I've owned the Omega for about 4 months now and its hands down my favorite chair I've ever owned! I'm a big guy (5"11 - 245 lbs.) the recommended weight for the chair was 230 I believe but I can't imagine there's a weight limit on the chair because it's built like a tank! If your any bigger or taller then myself I would go for there bigger model the Titan. The carbon side pads on the seat do press into my thighs a little bit but it just took a little getting used to. I actually prefer it now, I feel like it adds to the overall support. I can't say enough good things about this chair. My mom thought I was out of my mind to spend $320+ on a chair, but I let her borrow it for a few weeks now and she agrees its the best chair she has ever used. She has minor back pack and works long hours like myself at a desk, she told me she doesn't have any pain using this chair for extended periods of time and that she's in love with it. I bet you anything I won't be getting my Omega chair back from her anytime soon lol, so I better order another one! XD
I am at Titan owner and I love it.