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Why no Zpacks Plexamid?
I have a TarpTent Moment and a Six Moon Lunar Solo. I purchased the Moment 1st and after spending one night in it I got the Six moons Lunar solo. In mu opinion the Lunar Solo is a much better tent and offers more room. In plain language you can not go wrong with the Lunar Solo.
I think the Notch would be awesome at 770g and a quick 4 peg set up double sided and large vestibule .
Would love to buy a tarptent Notch, if anyone wants to move one on. cheers Muzza. also if anyone has info on secondhand ultralight equipment for sale sites in USA as I live in Australia and tings are very limited .👍
They need to add the Carbon Reflex 1 from MSR
Need to add the MSR Bubba original. Even the new Bubba is a better value. Not these lightest, but Bombproof!
Need to add the Big Agnes Copper Spur ul1
Interesting that the Notch is doing so poorly. I would think it would be much better than SMD Lunar Solo.
The Tarptent Moment DW looks like it's the leader in this poll. Any idea when the drop might come? Currently, it's at 79.
I don't think Tarptent are coming to the game with massdrop. Dissapointing coz I'd be all over it.