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I know the point is that it would be cheaper than retail, but tbh aDrop x JDS Atom with an aluminum body for a little bit more would slap
Is this going to drop anytime soon? starting to get anxious and recently found out I can get the Atom at a decent price from uk, delivered to Finland (a bit cheaper actually than ordering straight from JDS Labs) really looking forward what the Atom can do to my dt990 which sound great already from LG V40 (also surprised how well the Behringer UMC204HD DAC can drive these allthough the phones output isn't supposed to be all that good) hope I'm not expecting too much from it.
Please Drop the Atom, the sooner the better, need it for my dt990 600ohm that i just ordered. Hoping my Lg V40 can drive them adequately until then.
Hope they do a drop soon before i grab one somewhere else , lol. Want to see what there price is.
@Massdrop any chance of a drop for jds labs atom?
I have both the Atom and the Magni 3, the Magni has more power but if you don't have anything stupid the Atom beats it. the two amps do sound different though so on some days I'll still pull out the Magni. The Atom is married to my desk.
Atom wins by a mile.
Schiit Magni 3?
Why not?