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Now Available!

Thanks to Zambumon for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the The Amazing Chocolatier Custom SA Keycap Set available.

YanboDrop Buyer

The Amazing Chocolatier Custom SA Keycap Set

The Amazing Chocolatier Custom SA Keycap Set

I am so sad I missed this... I was on vacations and was not paying attention to the notification emails nor visiting Massdrop while I traveled... FeelsBadMan
Any news about white alphas? Do you add them into this drop ? In addition, what is the color code of the golden ticket ?
The white alphas won't be in this drop since I wasn't convinced on how to do it in a way that I like it.
I've posted all the child deals in the GH thread. The Golden ticket is YCF with NN legends
Any chance the dvorak/colemak is extended to support workman as described above?
Possibility of a planck kit?
Hello, any update about this set ?
I want this set so bad!
Amazing work Zambumon! The dvorak/colemak child deal is just 4 non-homing keys short of supporting the workman layout as well (R2: db, R3: y, R4: l). Is it possible that they be included?
I'm looking forward to this set, I think they would mix nicely with the filco set too :)
Any update for opening a drop for this keycap set?
I'd really appreciate it if there was a way to just fill up a poker or KC60 without buying extra keys.
I'm considering either offering alphas, modifiers, and ten keyless modifiers separately (like Overcast) or do a 60% base kit (like 1976)
These look amazing!
Will this be about the same price as the JukeBox SA that are going on right now? And will they be cut up in the same way as the JukeBox set?
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Awesome. Good luck with exams!
It would be wonderful if you include stepped keycap and winkeyless option to base set!
Do letters illuminate with backlight?
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Too bad, I don't know if I should buy them now...
I think the finger hugs of the SA profile should outweigh any legend visibility, but I don't need the legend illumination since I've been a touch-typist for the last 30 years, give or take.
Massdrop's Golden Keycap :D
Zambumon I was wondering if the drop date for these is absolute. I have a job over summer but want to pick these up ASAP without missing out on the drop/novelties.
Unless something weird and wrong happens, this set should drop in August. If there are any changes, I'll make sure to notify as many people as possible.
Thank you so much and best of luck! I hope you are prepared to sell 1000s!!
Hey people, by voting on this poll you'll get notified the moment this set drops! Don't miss your chance to get your Golden Ticket to visit the Chocolate Factory!
Dat chcolate bar, wonder can it bundle with the keycaps for the sake of making jokes.