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I have a set of AirPods and find them quite satisfactory for the purpose they were designed for. They are very lightweight, they are very comfortable to wear and they sound good. If you also have an iPhone or Apple watch, they control the function of playback with a simple tap to the left of right pod. They have a built in mic for phone calls and very good battery life. Additionally, the case includes a battery that can recharge the pods when they are stored inside. Another watch plus is that you can listen to music stored on the watch itself--handy when you've left your phone behind. And if you have the watch with the cellular option, you can receive and make calls, without your phone, and through your AirPods. Obviously not a choice for Android types, but for the rest of us, very convenient.
Any idea how many more votes Beoplay E8 needs to make it to a drop ?
You weren't think of asking the Russians to influence the voting so your pic would win the poll were you?
How is the Jaybird Run's not first spot?? For android users they're the most complete package with a compact size in your ears. The Bose Soundsports are gigantic and don't pack as much features. the beo Plays are gigantic and i cannot understand how these will stay in your ears for a commute.
I own a pair of Beoplay E8 and I can assure you their size is not Only NOT gigantic they are considerably smaller than the lot particularly when comparing to the likes of Bose Soundsports or Sony WF-1000X . As far as it staying in the E8 fits quite nicely and comfortably not loose or shaky and even better if you use their included comply foam for better sound isolation.
You sound like you might be an Android-user with small ears? It's a common problem, but as yet, there is no cure.
Am not Yet into wireless !!! Thanks but no thanks.
Oh--a purest are you? Get over it! The technology's been around longer than you have and it works. Wireless doesn't replace a good set of cans, in the same way a good set of cans don't replace a good set of speakers.
Air by crazybaby ? No!? Ok....