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I've nothing but great things to say about Orbit and Pro-ject. My Orbit custom is my go to; the parts are super easy to replace/upgrade, setup took 10 min, and it is a gross improvement over the Crosley I had before.
Damn, I want a Rega..
These don't belong in the same poll together. Is the group wanting an entry level audiophile turntable, a DJ style turntable, something gimicky? Apples and oranges here. And different target markets. The same person who buys a Technics or AudioTechnica would not buy a Pro-Ject or Rega and vice-versa.
If technics 1200 included why not audio technica's AT-LP1240-USB?
Th Technics SL-1200 is a supurb turntable for most people in the "audiophile" category. Those who use turntables only for "listen to records" may appreciate a lesser expensive turntable just as wel....