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Now Available!

Thanks to JonasHeineman for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the WOLF 1834 Custom Display Case for 24 Pens available.

JonasDrop Buyer

WOLF 1834 Custom Display Case for 24 Pens

WOLF 1834 Custom Display Case for 24 Pens

If they are giving us two choices, more variety than black with chrome or black with gold would have been nice. Green? Brown? Burgundy? I'm not asking the vendor to add anything more, I know these were picked by the voting group. I'm saying there are a lot of boring people out there.
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Of course, the pens are the main point, but why not have it both ways? My point was with all the options available, all of them quite understated, what we got was two black cases. Sorry, I find it dull, and your point, though valid, hasn't changed my mind about that. If we just had one choice, okay, black was the winning color. But if they are giving us two, would have been nice - better in fact - if one of those choices was "not black" It's really like we don't have a choice at all, "you can choose black or.... black!" Reminds me of something out of that Meryl Streep movie about the fashion magazine where she holds up two teal belts and asks which one should be used, and one lackey says "Tough call, they're both so different!" and the Anne Hathaway character laughs derisively and says the two belts are exactly the same. I'm the Anne Hathaway character. And if you don't see why the "choice" between black and black is hilariously ironic (and that the different colored hardware - esp given how little hardware there is - doesn't make them different), you are humor-challenged.
Hi @angeles -- I see your point here, maybe I can shed some light on the process here...
Manufacturers have minimum order quantities (MOQs). While a vendor might be able to change parts of a custom order - like hardware - without adding too much complication and cost to the production run, changing integral parts - like leather - becomes a completely different item and production run. Everyone's process is different, even between people who make similar products, but this generally holds true in all types of manufacturing. We always ask for the lowest MOQs and greatest variety, but ultimately we can't change the way a factory does production or the costs associated with variations like this. I hope that information gives you some insight into the process. As Massdrop grows, so will order sizes, and with them our ability to produce the same item in different colors, sizes, styles, etc. Thanks for participating in the discussion and the drop, with your help we will get there sooner rather than later!
Last call, everyone...the trailing options will be disabled again soon and voting will close today!
The voting system seems to have a flaw/bug in it. If you vote on an option and then Massdrop removes that option you cannot deselect the removed option so you are stuck and cannot vote on the new replacement options.
Yes I can't clear my votes too.
Are these leather covered?
Hi @Mr.Dante -- Yes, these are all wrapped in leather.
I'd like to see a burlwood option as well.
Not sure why Gold and Black always wins, that is the reason why Montblanc gets away with their style nowadays.
Black with chrome would really be a good seller. That gold is a real turn off for some people.
Can there be more options with chrome? Perhaps the blue one with chrome?
Will this stack/nest on top of the Meridian Valet stand? If so, should it not be offered in matching colors?
Hey @anyone -- No, this is a stand-alone item. WOLF 1834 does offer watch winders that fit into the top of the Meridian Valet Stand, you can find them here:
A raw wood/burl wood one would be nice.
Hey @slickplaid -- That's a great idea, but a very different product and cost. If this drop is successful, I am happy to speak with WOLF 1834 about another one like this.
I'd like to see the black one with silver trim too, black an gold, I don't know. Otherwise I'm cool with the blue silver combo
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Hey everyone -- Our team is looking into this, in the meantime I've re-enabled the options that have been eliminated: Orange, Green, and Grey.
If your 1st choice is eliminated from a poll, your vote will automatically move to your 2nd or 3rd choice. If you didn't select 2nd or 3rd choices, you can change it manually.
Thanks @Prinny @falling @MarkIV @ironhelixx
Glad to hear it, it's a little exciting to see my option gaining so much traction. :)
The Navy Blue looks amazing. I hope it wins, and then it'd be up to pricing for me to decide to get it haha
Hi everyone -- We're pleased to partner with WOLF 1834 and make this opportunity available. Based on your votes, we'll have the chance to make a single combination of size and color. The MSRPs for these cases are $125 for 12-slot, $150 for 24-slot, and $175 for 36-slot. As always, we will work to make the best prices available - but that will depend on the size of the group's order. Thanks for voting, let's make this happen!
PS - After voting for your preferred size, don't forget to vote for your top three color options!