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I like the double-shot PBT 'pudding' style keycaps. I type in Dvorak and though I can touch-type, I would like the option of having my keycaps labeled in Dvorak (tbh, so I can flex on people who see it ;). The pudding keycaps, as far as I can tell, are only available in OEM profile, which keeps me from doing that. So - I would like to see one of the following:
  • Double-shot PBT pudding keycaps, OEM profile, but Dvorak labeled; OR
  • Double-shot PBT pudding keycaps, DSA profile (or some other uniform profile).
I realize I'm probably in a small minority with these preferences, but if we could get enough people interested to do a Drop for them I would be super happy :)
In spite of being a computer enthusiast since the late 80s, I am pretty new to the custom keycap collecting game. And for someone just getting started there right now, it's frustrating to see all these great keycap sets floating around that are impossible to get anywhere now. I'd love to see some more retro computing inspired SA keycap sets, similar to the SA 1965 set for example. Also, PLEASE add some Option and Command key options for those of us that like to use OSX too. ;)
If anyone can point me to some obtainable sets like that, I'd appreciate it!
I don't think people realize /dev/tty is down at the bottom of this list!
Whoever added that Razer stuff

SA Chocolatier or DSA Royal Navy would be awesome. I'm super pumped for MiTo's Laser GMK, so I'd definatly like to see that come to fruition.
So I just now see deep space keycaps on the picture for this discussion, and I think they look amazing. Please make that a drop soon
SA from Maxkey so they are actually SA, and not just the "row 3" bs from SP. And I want COLORS. Specifically I would KILL for a fuschia/green combo.
I'd love to see a uk layout blue gradient pbt keycap set
I'd really like to take a chance with a reissue of Pulse SA, followed by Troubled Minds SA, and finally a return of SA HyperFuse.. I'd like them to be all sculpted and with Dvorak kits available.
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I wonder about SA for Trouble Minds. I almost feel like those'd be more striking in XDA or something more angular.
Any 104-key SA set that doesn't cost as much as a entire decent mechanical keyboard...?
There must be different versions of the bumble bee set, I've seen one that has honeycomb keys, anyone know who makes that one?
I'd like to see any SA keycaps not by Signature Plastics. They've proven time and time again that this market isn't even a blip on their radar, so why do people continue to support them if they're not going to reinvest and make more than one set of molds?
You won't see any of these in the near future because SP is over a year out on new SA profile keysets.
MAXKEY please. One month lead times, anyone?
At what point (number of votes) will we see this 'poll' turn into a new 'drop'...?
when they can let the vendor let them "drop"