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New Momentum True Wireless 2 has longer battery life than the Airpods, smaller and lighter enclosure than the first gen, and slays the AirPods and Jabras for SQ.
The Jabras are incredible, unless call quality is important to you, they pick up everything. I hate the look of them, but Apple AirPods Pro have it all, sound pretty good and great call quality + ANC. Not much passive isolation from voices, but overall my go to for portable use.
I traded up my white Jaybird X3s for a pair of Jabra 65t Elite Active's, it was honestly a massive upgrade in comfortability and compatibility. No weird proprietary charging port, no long wonky wires getting caught on my jacket. Fits perfectly and has good sound quality.
I've had the airpods and got rid of them for the jabra elite active. Better sound, comfortable, never fall out! Worth the money for sure.
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