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I’m an enormous fan of the Firebox - it’s less pretty than its competitors but vastly more versatile, with excellent efficiency and flame control, which translates into temperature control. Want to fry, boil, grill, and spit-roast with the same stove, and have the flexibility to use just about any solid, liquid, or gas fuel source out there? This is your piece. The only drawback is, it’s a heavy beast. Almost certainly too heavy for backpacking. But ideal for car camping or a base camp.
I’ve been looking at the MSP Core systems and they look great. Espacially the ultimate Core 4 which can even be turned i to a core 5!
I have the core 4 stove and enjoy using this flat gassifier stove, but there is a learning curve to setting it up. I’m actually looking at adding the 5” firebox to my collection because of the ease of setup. 85
I have an original BioLite stove and I really feel the need to caution people in regards to it. My experience is that it is exceptionally loud, provides very little electrical power output, utilizes an exceptionally large amount of fuel, has short burn times on a loading and is not pack friendly. To be clear, I purchased mine with the intent to replace my MSR DragonFly for motorcycle camping trips on my R1200GS. The DragonFly is a phenomenal stove with a wide range of fuels it can effectively burn. However it is incredibly loud when in operation. The Biolite is nearly as loud with very little benefit on any other front. Overall I regard it as one of my worst purchases in terms of functional equipment. I am sad to say that as I truly like the idea of what the company is trying to do for others in the world. Even having bought it on sale my money would have been better spent elsewhere.
Ive used the firebox and it works great. the only other one I've tried was the hexagon design which I didn't like as much.